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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 63

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 63
1651. The journal ‘Bahishkrit Bharat’ was started by:

1652.The journal published by Gandhiji in South Africa:
Indian Opinion

1653. The journals ‘Al Hilal’ and ‘Al Balal’ were launched by: 
Abul Kalam Azad

1654.The jurist who gave a verdict in the Gandhi assassination Case:
Atmacharan Aggarwal

1655.The largest princely state at the time of independence in terms of area:

1656.The last emperor of British India: 
George VI

1657.The last Governor General of East India Company: 

1658.The viceroy of India who was a poet, novelist and an essayist of repute: 
Lord Lytton

1659. The last opportunity to avoid the partition of India was lost with the rejection of: 
Cabinet Mission

1660.The last sovereign Nawab of Bengal: 
Siraj ud Daula

1661.The last Viceroy of British India: 

1662.The last Viceroy of India: 

1663.The last words of Gandhiji: 
Hey Ram

1664.The leader of Ahom’s revolt 1828: 
Gomdhar Konvar

1665.The leader of Fakir Uprising of Bengal (1776-77):
Majnu Shah

1666.The leader of modern India who embraced Buddhism in the later years of his life: 
BR Ambedkar

1667.The leader of the national movement whose birthday is August 15: 
Aurobindo Ghosh

1668. The leader who was known as the ‘Mango of Salem’: 

1669.The leader who wrote his PhD thesis paper on the topic of Salt Satyagraha, focusing on Gandhiji’s socio-economic theory: 
Ram Manohar Lohia

1670.The leader whom the extremists called ‘faint-hearted moderate’? 
Gopal Krishna Gokhale

1671.The longest act enacted by the British Parliament for the administration of India? Govt.of India Act 1935

1672. The longest running parallel government formed during Quit India Movement was in: Satara

1673. The Mac Donnel Commission was related with:

1674. The main cause of schism in Brahmo Samaj of India was the early marriage of the daughter of ____ to the Maharaja of Cooch Behar. 
Keshav Chandra Sen

1675. The main cause of the war between the Mir Kasim and East India Company was a dispute regarding the: 
collection of revenues

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