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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 65

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 65
1701. The office of Peshwa became independent during the reign of:

1702.The official name of the Simon Commission: 
Indian Statutory Commission

1703.The only annexation effected by Lord William Bentinck:

1704.The only British sovereign to attend a durbar in India:
George V

1705.The only jew to become the Viceroy of India:

1706.The only Keralite to become the president of INC:
Sankaran Nair

1707.The only Viceroy who was assassinated: 

1708.The organisation founded by GG Agarkar, MG Ranade and VG Chiplunkar in 1885? Deccan Education Society

1709.The organisation that was banned after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi’:

1710.The organiser of ‘Dharma Sabha’: 
Radha Kant Deb

1711.The orginal name of Sriramakrishna Paramhansa? 
Gadhadhar Chatterjee

1712.The original name of Swami Shraddhanand:
Mahatma Munshi Ram

1713. The parallel government in Balia during the Quit India Movement was led by: 
Chittu Pandey

1714.The party founded by T. M. Nair and Theagaroya Chetty in 1917? 
Justice Party

1715.‘’The Peasant and the Raj’’ is the work of ……….
Eric Stokes

1716. The period mentioned in the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi is from childhood to: 1920

1717.The period of the second round of the Civil Disobedience Movement: 

1718. The Permanent Settlement was enforced in ___

1719. The Radical Democratic Party was formed in 1940 by: 

1720. The real control of the Indian Government was passed into the hands of the President of the Board of Control by passing the: 
Act of 1784

1721.The real name of Mira Behn, the disciple of Gandhiji: 
Madeleine Slade

1722. The repeated invasion and plundering of Nadir Shah gave a death blow to: 
Mughal Empire

1723. The resolution passed by Indian National Congress in ____ at its Madras Session lay down that the declaration of Fundamental Rights should be the basis of future Constitution of India.

1724.The retired British civil servant who was instrumental in the formation of Indian National Congress in 1885:
AO Hume

1725.The revolutionary leader who later turned into an ascetic? 
Aurobindo Ghosh

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