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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 72

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 72
1901.The first Indian woman to become the president of the Indian National Congress: 
Sarojini Naidu

1902.The first Martyr of the 1857 revolt: 

1903. Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of British India assumed office on:
24th March 1947

1904. Lower Burma was annexed to the British Empire during the reign of:

1905. Lucknow Pact was signed between extremists and moderates in: 

1906. Lyall Commission was appointed during the reign of the Viceroy:
  Lord Elgin

1907.M.A.O. The college later became: 
Aligarh Muslim University

1908. Who founded the Indian Federation of Labour?

1909. Mac Donnel Commission was appointed during the period of:

1910. Madan Mohan Malavya established BenarusHindu University in: 

1911. Madanlal Dhingra murdered Curzon Wyllie in London who was a/an: 
Advisor to the Secretary of State for India

1912. Madanlal made an attempt to assassinate Gandhiji on 20th January 1948 at:
 New Delhi

1913. Sidhu and Kannhu were the leaders of: 
Santhal rebellion

1914. Simla Conference (1945) was held during the period of:

1915. Simon Commission visited India in: 

1916. Simon Commission was appointed during the reign of:

1917. Simon Commission was sent by The British Parliament to India to review the : 
Working of Dyarchy

1918. Sir John Shore’s policy in India is described as:

1919.Rash Behari Bose related to:
 Delhi Conspiracy Case

1920. In Chauri Chaura incident the mob attacked:
Police Station

1921.In connection with which agitation Gandhiji gave the title ‘Sardar’ to Vallabha BhaPatel? Bardoli

1922. In India, the death anniversary of Gandhiji is observed as:
Martyrs day

1923.In order to attend the Second Round Table Conference, in which ship Gandhiji sailed to England?
SS Rajputana

1924.In order to give some concession to Indians in the field of administration, the
Government of India Act,1935 was designed on the basis of the recommendation of _____: Simon Commission

1925.In South Africa for whom was the term “Coolie” used?
 For Indian labourer

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