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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 74

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 74
1951. Skeen Committee was set up in 1925 to inquire into the possibilities of:
 Indianising the Indian army

1952.‘Socialist’ the first ever communist journal in India was published by:
SA Dange

1953. Surendranath Banerjee was denied a post in the Indian Civil Service on what grounds, even after having cleared the examinations successfully?
He had misrepresented his age

1954. The English daily started by Lala Lajpat Rai:

1955. The English East Company achieved a major victory over the Portuguese in the Battle of………………….in 1612.

1956. The English East India Company set up its first factory at

1957.The English Governor who was expelled by Aurangzeb: 
Sir John Child

1958. The English signed the Treaty of Rawalpindi with:
Amir of Afghanistan

1959. The epic character influenced Gandhiji very much in his childhood: 

1960. The establishment of universities in the three presidency towns of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras was the recommendation of:
Wood’s Despatch

1961. The European association in India which launched agitation against the Ilbert Bill was:
European Defence Association

1962. The exclusive woman force of Indian NationalArmy was named after: 
Jhansi Rani

1963. The executive and judicial powers of the servants of the British East India Company were separated for the first time under:
 Lord Cornwallis

1964.The exponent of Downward Filtration Theory:
Lord Macauley

1965.The exponents of Indian Penal Code: 
Indian law commission

1966. The creation of a Department of Public Instruction in each of the five provinces of British India was recommended by
Wood’s Despatch

1967. The second mass movement launched by Gandhi in India was : 
Civil disobedient movement

1968. The ‘Black Hole’ event was sensationalised by whom?

1969. Sohan Singh Bhakna founded____ and Har Dayal was one of its most prominent
Ghadr Movement

1970. South Indian Liberal Federation was popularly called as: 
Justice Party

1971. Statistical Survey of India was established during the period of: 

1972.The Viceroy when Sharda Act, which raised the marriageable age, was passed?

1973. Subhas Bose escaped from house arrest in:

1974.The Viceroy when the Rowlatt Act was passed?

1975. Subhas Chandra Bose was elected president ofINC in: 

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