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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 81

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 81
2126. India’s first newspaper Hickey’s Gazette started

2127.The Governor General during the Sepoy Mutiny:

2128.The Governor General during the third Mysore war

2129.The Governor General during the Vellore Mutiny(1806):
 George Barlow

2130.The Governor General during whose period Police was taken away from the control of Zamindarsandhanded over to the Superintendent of Police district level:

2131.The Governor General when Calcutta medical college was founded:
 William Bentinck

2132.The Governor General when Coorg was annexed to British India: 
William Bentinck

2133. Interim Government with Jawaharlal Nehru as theVice President assumed power in: 1946

2134. Introduction of the ryotwari settlement in MadrasPresidency by the governor, Thomas Munro (1820)was during the tenure of:
 Lord Hastings

2135.‘Janma Bhoomi’ was started b:

2136. Joseph François Dupleix was the commander of the ______ forces in India

2137.In 1888, who founded United Indian Patriotic Association, mainly with a view to opposing Congress?
Syed AhmedKhan

2138. In 1905, Bhavani Mandir was published by:
Barindrakumar Ghosh

2139.The Viceroy when the Second World War was ended

2140. Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee was formed in: 

2141. The culmination of the series of the uprisings was the Mappila revolt of ……….

2142.The Viceroy when India got independence:

2143.The date in which Gandhiji started the Dandi March
1930 March 12

2144. Belgaum, where the INC session in which Gandhiji presided was held, is in the state of: 

2145.For how many years did Gandhiji live in SouthAfrica? 

2146.For how many years was Mahadev Desai associated with Gandhiji?
25 years

2147.The Viceroy who resigned in 1876 over the Afghan question:

2148.The Viceroy who ruled for the longest period:

2149.The Viceroy who survived a bomb explosion at Chandni Chowk in New Delhi in 1912: Hardinge

2150.The viceroy who took steps for the restoration of Mysore, which had been annexed by
William Bentinck on the charge of misgovernment, to its ruling family after 50 years of British administration:
Lord Ripon

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