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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 83

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 83
2176.name the person who resigned his position as viceroy of India in August1905 because of a difference of opinion with Lord Kitchener, the British military Commander-in-Chief in India:

2177. Name the Peshwawhose reign was dominated by the political intrigues of Nana Fadnavis:
Madhav Rao II

2178. Name the residence of Mahatma Gandhi in Ahmedabad from where he began his salt satyagraha in 1930:
Hriday Kunj

2179.The name the revolutionary leader who turned into an ascetic in the later years of his life:
Aurobindo Ghosh

2180. Name the revolutionary who was shot dead in an encounter with police at a public park in Allahabad:
Chandrasekhar Azad

2181. Name the ruler who was deposed in 1875 on charges of ‘gross misrule’.
 MalharRao Gaekwad Baroda

2182. Name the Viceroy who delegated W.W.Hunter
to prepare the ‘Imperial Gazetteer of India’?

2183.The disciple of Gandhiji who started BhoodanMovement?

2184.The disciples who were with Gandhiji when he passed away:
Manu and Aabha

2185. The Dual system of Government in Bengal was an abrasion child of:
 Robert Clive

2186. In 1922 Gandhiji was sentenced for —— years imprisonment.

2187. Name the nationalist leader whose birthday isAugust 15:
 Aurobindo Ghosh

2188. Name the Viceroy who was called the Aurangzeb of British India’? Curzon989. Name the Viceroy who was the supreme commander of the allied forces in South East Asia during the Second WorldWar

2190.NationalHerald was started by:
Jawaharlal Nehru

2191.NehruReport was prepared by Motilal Nehru was a reaction to the:
Simon Commission

2192. Aurobindo Ghosh was trialled in connection with.....conspiracy case

2193.BabaRam Chandra Das was a leader of

2194.BahadurShah Zafar who was deported by the British after the 1857 mutiny, died in the Rangoon jail in:

2195. Bal Gangadhar Tilak published ‘Mahratha’in.....language:

2196. Before becoming the GovernorGeneral in India who had served in America and commanded the British generals in the American civil war:

2197. Before independence who served as the president of Indian National Congress for the longest continuous period?
 Moulana Abul Kalam Azad

2198.‘BombayChronicle’ was started by:
Pheroz ShahMehta

2199.AllIndia Khilafat Committee observed Khilafat dayon_____, 1919. 

2200.TheViceroywho used to write poems with the pen name ‘Owen Meredith’:

2201. For how much duration Gandhiji was sentenced for the first time in South Africa? 
Two months

2202. In which year the first son of Gandhiji was born?

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