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101. After fertilization the brain begins to develop at:
(a) 8 days (b) 18 days 
(c)8 weeks (d) 18 weeks 
Answer: (B)

102. At its peak of development.. ... brain cells are being produced every minute. 
(a) 250 (b)2500 
(c) 25000 (d) 250000 
Answer: (D)

103. At which time period is the body most sensitive to disruption of growth? 
(a) Germinal (b) Embryonic 
(C) Fetal (d) All equally 
Answer: (B)

104. The human fetus begins to move at:
(a) 8 days (b) 8 weeks 
(c) 16 weeks (d) 32 weeks
Answer: (B)

105. The first sense to develop is:
(a) Touch (b) Hearing 
(c) Sight (d) Taste 
Answer: (A)

106. According to ..............early childhood is the golden age of new skills 
(a) Arnold Gesell   (b) Karl C Garrison 
(c) Stanley Hall (d) Abraham Maslow 
Answer: (A)

107. After birth the child is called ..
(a) Infant (b) Neonate 
(c) Child (d) None of the above 
Answer: (B)

108. Infancy period
(a) Birth to 4 years (b) Birth to 1 year 
(c)Birth to 3 years (d) Birth to 6 years 
Answer: (C)

109. Childhood
(a)3 to 12 years (b) 4 to 10 years 
(c) 2 to 8 years  (d) 3 to 8 years 
Answer: (A)
110. Adolescence
(a) 8 to 13 years (b) 12 to 19 years 
(c)13 to 18 years  (d) 10 to 19 years 
Answer: (B)

111. When does the most intense and crucial socialization takes place in a human being? 
(a) During childhood (b) During adolescence 
(c) Throughout the life of a person (d) None of the above 
Answer: (B)

112. During the formal operations stage, children begin to
(A) accurately use concepts of time, space, and number 
(B) think primarily about concrete objects or situations 
(C) develop the concept of objects permanency 
(D) think in terms of abstract principles and hypothetical possibilities 
Answer: (D)

113. Harlow's finding that baby monkeys prefer a terrycloth surrogate mother to a wire mother demonstrates the importance of 
(A) imprinting or critical periods (B) contact comfort 
(C) acceptance (D) good nutrition 
Answer: (B)

114. A child knows that when you take yellow paint and then mix in blue paint, you get green paint. When you ask her what colour paint you get if you take blue paint and then mix in yellow paint, she doesn't know. Her thinking lacks 
(A) clarity (B) freedom from egocentricity 
(C) conservation (D) reversibility 
Answer: (C)

115. The study of changes in behaviour from conception to death encompasses 
(A) gerontology (B) thanatology 
(C) developmental psychology (D) social psychology
Answer: (C)

116. The concept of Mental Age in calculating IQ was given by : '
(A) Cattell (B) Binet 
(C) Galton (D) Freud 
Answer: (B)

117. Which one of the following does not fall in the domain of 'psychoanalysis' 
(A)Defence mechanism (B)Psychosexual development 
(C)Archetypes (D) Thanatos
Answer: (C)

118. Stages in creative thinking are
(A) Preparation, incubation, illumination, evaluation, revision. 
(B) Incubation, preparation, illumination, evaluation, revision. 
(C)Preparation, illumination, incubation, evaluation, revision.
(D) Illumination, preparation, incubation, revision, evaluation 
Answer: (A)

119. Evidence for hereditary influence can be gathered from .
(A) Twin studies 
(B) Adoption studies
(C) Study of biological parents and children
(D) All of the above 
Answer: (D)
120. The correct sequence of different stages of psycho-sexual development is 
(A) Anal, Oral, Phallic, Genital, Latency 
(B) Anal, Phallic, Oral, Genital, Latency 
(C) Oral, Anal, Latency, Phallic, Genital
(D) Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency, Genital 
Answer: (D)

121. Among the following who is a humanist psychologist?
(a) Jean Piaget  (b) BF Skinner 
(c) Carl Jung  (d) Abraham Maslow 
Answer: (D)

122. According to Erikson, a major conflict in the first year of life is that between 
(a) trust versus mistrust. 
(b) initiative versus guilt. 
(C) autonomy versus shame and doubt.
(d) relatedness versus isolation. 
Answer: (A)

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