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126. Navodaya Schools have been established to 
(a) increase number of school in rural areas 
(b) provide good education in rural areas 
(c) complete 'Sarva Siksha Abhiyan'
(d) check wastage of education in rural areas
Answer: (b)

127. A student comes late in your class. Then you will 
(a) inform to parents
(b) punish him 
(c) try to know the reason
(d) not pay attention there 
Answer: (c)

128. You are teaching a topic in class and a stu­dent ask a question unrelated to the top­ic. What will you do? 
(a) you will allow him to ask unrelated question 
(b) you will not allow him to ask unrelated question
(c) you will consider it indiscipline and punish him 
(d) you will answer the question after the class 
Answer: (d)

129. National Literacy Mission was established in 
(a) 1996 (c) 1999 
(b) 1988 (d) 2000 
Answer: (b)

130. The aim of National Council for teacher education is 
(a) to open college of education
(b) to promote research in education 
(c) to maintain standards in colleges of education 
(d) to provide grant to colleges of education 
Answer: (c)

131. Kindergarten system of education was contributed by 
(a) T.P. Nunn (c) Frobel 
(b) Spencer (d) Montessori 
Answer: (c)

132. 'National Council of Education Research  and Training' was established in
(a) 1961 (b) 1962
(c) 1963 (d) 1964 
Answer: (a)

133. When the student try to solve the ques­tions in some different way as taught by the teacher from prescribed books, then these students should be 
(a) Discouraged to consult some other books on the subject 
(b) Encouraged to consult some other books on the subject
(c) Suggested to talk with their teacher after the period
(d) Suggested to follow the class room notes in order to get good mark in the examination 
Answer: (b)

134. The aim of education should be
(a) to develop vocational skills in the students 
(b) to develop social awareness in the students 
(c) to prepare the students for examination
(d) to prepare the students for practical life 
Answer: (d)

135. The idea of Basic Education is propounded by 
(a) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad 
(c) Mahatma Gandhi
(d) Rabindranath Tagore 
Answer: (c)

136. The best remedy of the student's problems related with learning is
(a) Suggestion for hard work
(b) Supervised study in Library
(c) Suggestion for private tuition
(d) Diagnostic teaching 
Answer: (d)

137. Child Labour Prohibition Act (1986)
(a) prohibits all types of child labour upto 14 years of age of child
(b) prohibits child labour in risk-taking works only
(c) prohibits labour during school hours only
(d) prohibits child labour by imposing the responsibility of children's educa­tion on the employees 
Answer: (a)

138. What should be done to maintain disci­pline among students? 
(a) they should be asked questions
(b) they should be entrusted with responsibility
(c) they should be prevented from making noise
(d) they should be made to follow rules 
Answer: (b)

139. What will you do if your students do not take interest in studies?
(a) you will take interest in your teaching
(b) you will make your teaching more interesting 
(c) you will give examples of meritorious students
(d) you will try to know the reason for lack of interest 
Answer: (d)
140. What is most effective way to reform the aggressive behaviour of a child?
(a) he should be kept in isolation 
(b) reasons for this behaviour should be investigated
(c) he should be punished severely 
(d) he should be ignored
Answer: (b)

141. The main task of a teacher is 
(a) to prepare good citizens from his students
(b) to complete the prescribed syllabus 
(c) to increase knowledge
(d) to do politics in the school 
Answer: (a)

142. What should be the attitude of a teacher towards his students in the class? 
(a) discriminating
(b) he should pay more attention to weak students
(c) equal for all students 
(d) he should pay more attention to intelligent students
Answer: (c)

143. A teacher should be involved in social activities 
(a) Seldom (b) Only as much as needed
(c) Very frequently (d) Never 
Answer: (c)

144. On a student's repetitive failure in examination, you will 
(a) ridicule to him 
(b) advise him to sit at home and do some job 
(c) advise him to appear in examination privately
(d) guide him in various subjects according to his needs 
Answer: (d)

145. The purpose of student council is to
(a) develop the ability of self-discipline in students
(b) simplify the problems of school management committee
(c) help the Principal in gauging the mo­rale of various students groups and or­ganizations 
(d) involve the students in the solution of school related problems 
Answer: (a)

146. What should be the basis of an effective and successful leadership? 
(a) personal interest
(b) service of the group
(c) welfare of the whole group 
(d) Praise
Answer: (c)

147. What is the main responsibility of a class teacher?
(a) to maintain discipline among the students 
(b) to collect fees from students
( c) to maintain alert about the health of students of class
( d) to maintain all records of the students of the class
Answer: (a)

148 is essential for the leadership quality
(a) social maturity 
(b) high intellectual competence
(c) beauty
( d) adequate money 
Answer: (a)

149. Which of the following statements is not correct?
(a) a good communicator cannot be a good teacher
(b) a good communicator has good sense of humour 
( c) a good communicator has wide reading 
( d) a good communicator has command over language 
Answer: (a)

150. An effective communication does not require
(a) changes in speech pattern
(b) appropriate gestures 
( c) mastery of content
( d) handsome personality 
Answer: (d)

151. The most important challenge before a teacher is 
(a) to maintain discipline in the classroom 
(b) to make students do their home work 
( c) to prepare question paper
( d) to make teaching learning process enjoyable 
Answer: (d)

152. The most significant approach of evaluation is 
(a) continuous and comprehensive evaluation 
(b) conducting objective term and examination
( c) maintaining cumulative records of students
( d) semester system evaluation 
Answer: (a)

153. Educational technology is useful because
(a) it is the need of the hour
(b) it is adopted by famous institutions
( c) it makes teaching effective and efficient 
( d) it attracts students towards teaching and learning activities 
Answer: (c)

154. The Kothari Commission Report on Education was entitled as 
(a) Education and National Development 
(b) Learning 'to be'
( c) diversification of education
( d) education for all 
Answer: (a)

155. The most appropriate meaning of learning is 
(a) Inculcation of knowledge
(b) Modification of behaviour 
( c) Personal adjustment 
( d) Acquisition of skills
Answer: (b)

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