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451. Role of a teacher in a class is to 
(a) Follow the time-table strictly and stick to the course 
(b) Provide Authentic Learn­ing situations and Facilitate independent thinking in stu­dents
(c) Fill the students with her own knowledge and prepare them for examinations
(d) Transmit knowledge in a straight fashion and prepare students for right answers 
Answer: (b)

452. Which one of the following would be the most effective way of conducting Assessment?
(a) Assessment should be at the end of the session 
(b) Assessment is an inbuilt process in teaching learning
( c) Assessment shou Id be done twice in an academic session at the beginning and at the end
(d) Assessment should be done by an external agency and not by the teacher 
Answer: (b)

453. Which one of the following is related to creativity 
(a) Divergent thinking
(b) Convergent thinking 
(c) Emotional thinking
(d) Egoistic thinking 
Answer: (a)

454. "How children learn!" Which one of the following is not true with respect to this question? 
(a) Children learn in class only 
(b) Children learn when they are cognitively ready 
(c) Children learn in a number of ways 
(d) Children learn as they are naturally motivated 
Answer: (a)

455. Giving children group work is an effective pedagogic strategy since½
(a) It helps to reduce the teach­ers work
(b) It allows some children to dominate the others in small groups 
(c) Children learn from each other and support each other in the learning process
( d) Children will be able to do their work quickly
Answer: (c)

456. Which scientific method is a top-down or confirmatory approach 
(a) Deductive method
(b) Inductive method 
(c) Hypothesis method
(d) Pattern method 
Answer: (a)

457. A well written introduction of a research report must have¾
(a) A clear statement of the problem 
(b) A review of previous litera­ture on the topic 
(c) A formal statement of each hypothesis
(d) All of the above 
Answer: (d)

458. Selecting specific technical tools and techniques for col­lecting data and analysis is  known in research as
(a) Finds               (b) Methodology 
( c) Hypothesis         (d) Conclusion 
Answer: (b)

459. Importance of theory in re­search is 
(a) Selection of variables 
(b) Framing Hypothesis
(c) Moulding conceptual frame work
(d) All of the above 
Answer: (d)

460. 70% of students in a class has been continually making spelling mistakes while writ­ing notes in a language class. What will be the most suitable method of research for the teacher to tackle the problem 
(a) Case study method
(b) Action Research 
(c) Survey Research
(d) Experimental Research 
Answer: (b)

461. Which is the only Central University in India to have current prime minister in India as its chancellor? 
(a) Viswabharathi University 
(b) Banaras University
(c) Indira Gandhi National Open University
(d) Rajiv Gandhi University 
Answer: (a)

462. The mobile application 'Sa­kaar' has been launched in 2015 to highlight the achieve­ 
ment of which department of the Indian Government? 
(a) Dept. of Economic Affairs
(b) Dept. of Medicine 
(c) Dept. of Space
(d) None of these 
Answer: (c)

463. According to the provisional population totals of census 2011, the female/male ratio in 
India is 
(a) 925 (b) 931 
(c) 940 (d) 948 
Answer: (c)

464. Tears you apart, is a nationwide campaign launched by the ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India against.
(a) AIDS                  (b) Malnutrition 
(c) Population             (d) Tobacco 
Answer: (d)
465. Who was the 40th Chief Jus­tice of India? 
(a) A.K. Pathak              (b) Altamas Kabir 
(c) P. Sathasivam          (d) None of these 
Answer: (c)

466. The National Judicial Acade­my of India is situated in 
(a) Nagpur       (b) Mumbai 
(c) Delhi      (d) Bhopal 
Answer: (d)

467. International Day for the elim­ination of violence against women is observed on
(a) December 5 
(b) November 20 
(c) November 25
(d) October 31 
Answer: (c)

468. PURA (Providing Urban Amenities 10 Rural Areas) project was inaugurated in  which state? 
(a) Odlsha (b) Trlpura 
(c) Kerala     (d) Manipur
Answer: (b)

469. Name the welfare programme implemented for providing electrification of houses of SC/ ST is 
(a) NRDP           (b) IAY 
(c) RLEGP         (d) Kudeer Jyothi 
Answer: (d)

470. Write the Abbreviation from  of ICHR? 
(a) Indian Centre for Histori­cal Research 
(b) International Council for Historical Research 
(c) Indian Council for Histori­cal Research 
(d) International Centre for Historical Research 
Answer: (c)

471. "The 2020 Olympic Games are scheduled to be held at 
(a) Tokyo       (b) lstanbul 
(c) Madrid     (d) London 
Answer: (a)

472. The classical work Don Quix­ote is composed by the famous Spanish writer
(a) Boccaccio        (b) Edmund Spencer 
(c) Cervantes           ( d) Anderson 
Answer: (c)

473. A pause before pronouncing a word is a speech difficulty which is known as 
(a) Lisping (b) Baby talk 
(c) Stammering (d) Slurring
Answer: (c)

474. 'Actually it is not one particular condition, it is a set of behaviour such as excessive restlessness and short atten­tion span. What does it refers to ?
(a) ADHD  (b) Autism
( c) Cerebral palsy  ( d) Mental retardation
Answer: (a)

475. The success of visually challenged children in inclusive setting depends his/her mastery of 
(a) plus curricular skills
(b) co-curricular skills 
(c) Curricular skills
( d) Extra Curricular skills 
Answer: (a)

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