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276. Classroom communication in the basis of 
(a) Social Identity
(b) External Inanities 
(c) Group Aggression
(d) Biased Passivity 
Answer: (a)

277. The contribution of Edgar Dale is 
(a) Cycle of experience
(b) Empirical learning curve 
( c) Cone of experience
(d) Empirical teaching 
Answer: (c)

278. The direct experiences of a chil­dren are related to 
(a) Excursions
(b) Environmental Interac­tions
(c) Demonstrations of experi­ments
( d) All the above 
Answer: (d)

279. Who is called father of teaching machine 
(a) B.F. Skinner
(b) S.S. Pressey 
(c) C.G. Jung 
Answer: (b)

280. Projection is not work a criteri­on for 
(a) Rorschach Ink blot test
(c) Picture Frustration test
(d) None of the above 
Answer: (c)

281. Read the statement and then answer the question 
"Honesty is the best policy". The statement is . 
(a) A fact (b) A value 
(c) An opinion which is not a value 
(d) A value judgement 
Answer: (b)

282. Successful communication in classroom teaching is 
(a) Circular (b) Reciprocal 
(c) Directional (d) Influential 
Answer: (b)

283. Classroom communication commonly considered as 
(a) Effective (b) Cognitive
(c) Affective  (d) Selective 
Answer: (c)

284. The teaching aids are catego­rised on the basis of projection as
(a) Projected Non projected aids 
(b) Visual, audio and 
(c) Software and Hardware
(d) None of the above 
Answer: (a)

285. Teaching procedure of evalua­tions is 
(a) Verbal examination
(b) Written examination 
(c) Performance test
(d) All the above 
Answer: (d)

286. The accurate formula for cal­culation of Achievement Quo­tient is
(a) Educational age / mental age x 100
(b) Mental age x chronological age x JOO 
(c) Actual age x Educational Quotient x I 00 
(d) Mental age x Intelligence Quotient x 100 
Answer: (d)

287. Which of the following is not a type of Teacher made Achieve­ment test
(a) Essay Type  (b) Objective Type
(c) Diagnostic  (d) Reading
Answer: (d)

288. Generally achievement test are 
(a) Power tests (b) Speed tests 
(c) Aptitude tests (d) Students ability tests 
Answer: (a)

289. The highest quality of an ex
(a) Reliability (b) Validity 
( c) Objectivity ( d) All the above 
Answer: (d)
290. The source of a problem is
(a) Historical records
(b) The virgin areas of research 
(c) The conclusions whose test­ing of verifiability is still to be carried out
( d) All the above 
Answer: (d)

291. Cross - Sectional researches are fundamentally related with 
(a) Sample (b) Statistics
( c) Tendencies ( d) Eugenics
Answer: (a)

292. The classification of the scheme of black board opera­tion can be carried out under 
(a) Philosophical researches
(b) Experimental researches
( c) Action researches 
(d) None of the above
Answer: (c)

293. The basic need of a research is 
(a) In preparation of a project
(b) In guidance 
( c) In economic planning
(d) In sitting in library 
Answer: (a)

294. The quality of a problem is
(a) Clarity 
(b) Worth for solution 
( d) All the above
Answer: (d)

295. Each word of a research should be
(a) Justifiable 
(b) FuU of wisdom
(c) Enjoyable 
(d) Entertaining
Answer: (a)

296. 'I do what is do' written by 
(a) Reghuram Rajan
(b) Chetan Bhagat 
(c) Urjt Patel
( d) None of the above 
Answer: (a)

297. The present position of India in humen development Index 
(a) 130 (b) 132
(c) 133 (d) 131 
Answer: (d)

298. Melting point of diamond
(a) 3000°c (b) 5000°c
(c) 4000°c (d) 3410°c 
Answer: (c)

299. Which of the following trees has medical value 
(a) Pine (b) Teak 
(c) Neem (d) Oak 
Answer: (c)

300. 164th member in World Trade Organisation
(a) Panama  (b) Vatican
(c) Afganistan  (d) China
Answer: (c)

301. Which of the following is a 
(a) Mumbai University
(b) Calcutta University 
(c) Delhi University
(d) Madras University 
Answer: (c)

302. pH value of blood is
(a) 7.4 (b) 6.6 
(c) 5.5 (d) 6.9
Answer: (a)

303. First Solar Parliament in the world
(a) China (b) Japan
(c) India (d) Pakistan 
Answer: (d)

304. Sunderban in Hooghly delta is known for 
(a) Grass lands (b) Conifers 
(c) Mangroves (d) Arid forests 
Answer: (c)

305. The background picture in new 50 rupees note
(a) Humpy (b) Sanchi
(c) Red Fort (d) Mangalyan 
Answer: (a)

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