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51. If you see some students are making quarrel in the class room 
(a) suspend them from the class 
(b) report immediately to the Principal 
(c) try to understand their problem and find a solution 
(d) warn the students against repeating such misconduct
(e) report the matter to the parents. 
Answer: (C)

52. You find that in P.T.A meeting it is becoming a practice of discussing petty things and avoiding serious matters. What will be your attitude. 
(a) discuss matter privately with the Principal 
(b) raise the matter in the academic council 
(c) refrain from attending such meeting 
(d) present your opinion in the PTA meeting and urge for more serious discussions? 
(e) walkout of the PTA meeting
Answer: (D)

53. A student while taking down notes from the black board stands, sees and sits repeatedly in disturbs the nearby classmates, what inference will you draw with reference to the student's difficulty? 
(a) Poor eyesight of the student 
(b) The student likes to disturb the entire class 
(c) The blackboard may have shining effect 
(d) The student wants to catch the attention of the teacher
(e) None of these 
Answer: (D)

54. The problem child is generally one who has
(a) a poor family background 
(b) overprotective parents 
(C) a handicapped brother or sister
(d) an unsolved problem 
(e) None of these 
Answer: (D)

55. Pick the odd one out
(A) Conference  (B) Press conference 
(C) Seminar (D) Debate 
Answer: (B)

56. The function of a teacher in a democratic school system is:
(A) Filling the minds of students with knowledge 
(B) Help students become more capable of making intelligent decisions : 
(C) Organising and planning experiences for the class
(D) Fostering the personal growth of students 
Answer: (D)

57. In a constructivist classroom, the teacher is
(A)Authority of classroom (B) Transmitter of knowledge 
(C) Director of learning process (D) Facilitator of learning 
Answer: (D)

58. Scaffolding can promote learning according to
(A) Cognitivism (B) Behaviourism 
(C) Humanism (D) Constructivism 
Answer: (D)

59. The presentation package and slides are usually presented by:
(A) Power Point (B) Excel 
(C) MS Word (D) All the above
Answer: (A)
60. The primary duty of the teacher is to
(A) raise the intellectual standard of the students 
(B) improve the physical standard of the students 
(C) help all round development of the students
(D) imbibe value system in the students 
Answer: (C)

61. Micro teaching is more effective
(A) during the preparation for teaching practice 
(B) during the teaching-practice 
(C) after the teaching practice
(D) always 
Answer: (D)

62. What quality the students like the most in a teacher?
(A) Idealist philosophy (B) Compassion 
(C) Discipline (D) Entertaining
Answer: (B)

63. Action research is
(A) An applied research 
(B) A research carried out to solve immediate problems
(C) A longitudinal research 
(D) Simulative research
Answer: (B)

64. Which of the following is a teaching aid?
(A) Working model of a windmill (B) Map of India
(C) LCD Projector (D) All of the above
Answer: (D)

65. Discussion method can be used when
(A) Topic is difficult  (B) Topic is controversial
(C) Topic is socially relevant (D) All the above
Answer: (D)

66. Pick the odd one out
(A) Project   (B) Seminar
(C) Class test (D) Discussion
Answer: (C)

67. The main aim of teaching is
(A) To develop only reasoning (B) To give only information 
(C) To develop only thinking (D) Both (A) and (C) .
Answer: (D)

68. The quality of teaching is reflected:
(A) By the attendance of students in the class 
(B) By the pass percentage of students 
(C) By the quality of questions asked by the students
(D) By duration of silence maintained in the class 
Answer: (C)

69. What is 'KCF' stands for
(A) Kerala Curriculum Framework (B) Kerala Curriculum Focus 
(C) Kerala Classroom Framework (D) Kerala Children Forum 
Answer: (A)
70. Which of the following is the most important characteristic of Open Book Examination system? 
(A) Students become serious 
(B) It improves attendance in the classroom 
(C) It reduces examination anxiety among students
(D) It compels students to think 
Answer: (C)

71. An effective teacher is one who can
(A) Control the class 
(B) Motivate the students to learn 
(C) Give more information in less time
(D) Correct the assignments carefully 
Answer: (B)

72. Which of the following indicate the evaluation?
(A) Ram got 69 marks out of 100 (B) Seena got 50 percent of marks 
(C) Syam got 1st rank (D) All the above
Answer: (D)

73. Maximum participation of students is possible in teaching through: 
(A) discussion method (B) lecture method 
(C) audio-visual aids (D) text book method 
Answer: (A)

74. Value education stands for
(A) making a student healthy 
(B) all round development of personality 
(C)making the student to get a job
(D) inculcation of virtues . 
Answer: (B)

75. When a normal student behaves in a erratic manner in the class, you would: 
(A) pull up the student then and there 
(B) talk to the student after the class 
(C) ask the student to leave the class
(D) ignore the student 
Answer: (B)

76. By which of the following methods the true evaluation of the students is possible? 
(A) Evaluation at the end of the course. 
(B) Evaluation twice in a year. 
(C) Continuous evaluation.
(D) Formative evaluation, 
Answer: (C)

77. The primary responsibility for the teacher's adjustment lies with
(A) The children (B)The principal 
(C) The teacher himself (D) The community 
Answer: (C)

78. Which of the following statement is most appropriate?
(A) Teachers can teach 
(B) Teachers help can create in a student a desire to learn 
(C) Lecture method can be used for developing thinking
(D) Teachers are born 
Answer: (B)

79. Which is the least important factor in teaching?
(A) punishing the students (B) maintaining discipline in the class 
(C) lecturing in impressive way (D) writing important points in the black board 
Answer: (A)

80. Which among the following gives more freedom to the learner to interact? 
(A) Use of film (B) Small group discussion 
(C) Lectures by expert (D) Viewing countrywide classroom program in TV 
Answer: (B)

81. Which of the following is not a product of learning?
(A)Attitudes (B) Concepts 
(C) Knowledge (D) Maturation 
Answer: (D)

82. A group of experts in a specific area of knowledge assemble data place and prepared a syllabus fora new course. The process may betermed as 
(A) Seminar (B)Workshop 
(C) Conference (D) Symposium 
Answer: (B)

83. In which year NCF published
(A) 2005 (B) 2007 
(C) 2009 (D) 1995
Answer: (A)

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