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506. Dyslexia is associated with 
(a) Reacting disorder
(b) Behavioural disorder 
( c) Mental disorder
(d) Writing disorder 
Answer: (a)

507. "Children actively construct their understanding of the world" is a statement attributed to
(a) Kohl berg (b) Skinner 
(c) Pavlov (d) Piaget 
Answer: (d)

508. Moral development stressed on
(a) Kohl berg (b) Bruner 
(c) Vygotsky (d) Skinner
Answer: (a)

509. Scaffolding is propagated by 
(a) Gagne                    (b) Bruner 
(c) Vygotsky   (d) Howard Gardner 
Answer: (c)

510. The purpose of RMSA(Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan) is 
(a) Quality improvement in the sector of secondary education including higher secondary
(b) Quality improvement in the whole sector of education
(c) Quality improvement in the sector of school education
(d) Quality improvement in the sector of primacy education
Answer: (a)

511. NCF stands for 
(a)National Curriculum Framework
(b) National classroom Focus 
(c) National Curriculum Focus
( d) National classroom Framework 
Answer: (a)

512. Which of the following is a pro­jective method of measuring per­sonality
(a) Rating scale (b) TAT 
(c) SVIB (d) SAT
Answer: (b)

513. Adolescence is a period of 
(a) Transition (b) Love
(c) Emotion (d) Security 
Answer: (a)

514. A humanist Psychologist
(a) J.B. Watson           (b) Albert Bandura
(c) Abraham Maslov     (d) Bruner
Answer: (c)

515. Field theory in Psychology was put forward by
(a) Max Wertheimer        (b) Kofka 
(c) Kurt Lewin               (d) Ericson 
Answer: (c)

516. According to Gestalt Psychologists learning involves
(a) S - R Leaming                 (b) Insight Learning
(c) Trial and Error Learning  (d) Imitation Learning
Answer: (b)

517. Daniel Goleman popularized 
(a) Verbal Intelligence
(b) Spatial Intelligence 
(c) Social Intelligence
(cl) Emotional Intelligence 
Answer: (d)

518. Education proposed by Mahatma Gandhi 
(a) Nai Talim                  (b) Talim 
(c) SUPW                ( d) Work experience 
Answer: (a)

519. Integral education concept is propounded by 
(a) Sri Aurobindo             (b) Gandhiji
(c) Swami Vivekananda     (d) David Asubel
Answer: (a)

520. The term identical elements is closely associated with
(a) Group instruction 
(b) Transfer of learning
(c) Jealousy between twins 
( d) Similar test questions
Answer: (b)

521. The concept integrative recon­ciliation highlighted by Asubel is almost equivalent to Piaget's idea of
(a) Reversibility           (b) Adaptation 
(c) Operation           (d) Assimilation
Answer: (b)

522. Which of the following strate­gies would you adopt for develop­ing interpersonal intelligence 
(a) Collaborative Learning
(b) Reinforcement repetition
(c) Simulation learning 
(d) Programmed learning
Answer: (a)

523. Who propounded the hierarchy of needs theory of motivation 
(a) Abraham Maslow            (b) G .W. Alport 
(c) McDonald                         (d) Margarent Mead 
Answer: (a)

524. Which of the following is the highest level in the learning process according to Gagne's 
hierarchy of Learning 
(a) Concept learning            (b) Multiple discrimination
(c) problem solving            (d) Principle learning
Answer: (c)

525. The main role of Diagnostic test­ing its
(a) Grading pupils in terms of the ability to achieve 
(b) Prediction of the ability to learn
(c) Immediate feedback leading to knowledge of result and reme­diation
(d) Evaluation of the suitability of the prescribed syllabus 
Answer: (c)

526. Zone of Prozimal Development is a concept highlighted by 

(a) Bruner (b) Asubel

(c) Bandura (d) Vygotsky 

Answer: (d)

527. The term 'Cone of experiences' was used by one of the following experts 
(a) Cyrill Burt (b) Maslov
(c) Rogers (cl) Edgar Dale 
Answer: (d)

528. The educational thinker who argued against the distinction between 'Action and Reflection' was 
(a) John Dewey(b) Vygotsky
(c) Pestolezee (d) John Adams 
Answer: (a)

529. 'Archetypes' is the concept of
(a) Ericson (b) Adler 
(c) Homey (d) Jung
Answer: (d)

530. The triarchic theory of intelli­gence is given by
(a) Spearman (b) Guilford
(c) Stemburg (d) Gardner 
Answer: (c)

531. The purpose of Evaluation
(a) Testing
(b) Observation 
(c) Interview and doing case study 
( d) All the above 
Answer: (d)

532. Which of the following is not a 
category of grading
(a) Positive grading
(b) Absolute grading 
( c) Relative grading
( d) Direct grading 
Answer: (a)

533. Adarsh is a nine year old child, who is very restless. He couldn't concentrate on a task and com­plete it. What problem does he face?
(a) ADHD (b) Autism 
( c) Aphasia ( d) Disprazia
Answer: (a)

534. Creativity is usually associated Whith
(a) Imitation (b) Modeling
( c) Divergent thinking  ( d) Convergent thinking 
Answer: (c)

535. A person at the age of 30 when in distress, acts like a child, this type of defence mechanism
(a) Aggression (b) Regression 
(c) Suppression(d) Projection 
Answer: (b)

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