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L.D.Clerk ( Kannada & Malayalam Knowing)-Various
Question Code: 50/2019           
Cat.No: 459/16&460/16
Date of Test : 22/10/2019   

Complete the following sentence using the options given below.
81. This is the __________ film I ever seen.
(A) bader (B) worse (C) worst (D) bad
Answer: (C)

82. We __________ a party last day.
(A) are (B) has (C) have (D) had
Answer: (D)

83. Would you like sweets __________ fruits ?
(A) and (B) or (C) but (D) before
Answer: (B)

84. I like __________ to sing opera, __________ to spend my spare time practicing ball room dances.
(A) not only - but also (B) whether - or
(C) neither - or (D) no - but
Answer: (A)

Change the following questions as directed :
85. Daniel jogs often. (change into a question)
(A) Jogs Daniel often ? (B) Do Daniel jog often ?
(C) Does Daniel jog often ? (D) Did Daniel jog often ?
Answer: (C)

86. Pick out correct sentence from the following :
(A) She talked to we (B) She talks to we
(C) She talking to we (D) She talks to us
Answer: (D)

87. I sympathize __________ you over your mother’s death.
(A) in (B) with (C) for (D) on
Answer: (B)

88. “Give me a cup of coffee”, he told her.  (Change into indirect speech.)
(A) He told her that gives him a cup of coffee.
(B) He asked her to give him a cup of coffee.
(C) He asked her to gave him a cup of coffee.
(D) He asked her that gave him a cup of coffee.
Answer: (B)

89. The small child does whatever his father was done.
(A) has done (B) had done (C) does (D) did
Answer: (D)

90. He seldom visits his parents, __________
(A) does he ? (B) doesn’t he ? (C) don’t him ? (D) do he ?
Answer: (B)

91. My daughter likes purple __________.
(A) Stationary (B) Stationery (C) Stationeary (D) Stetionary
Answer: (B)

92. Find out one word substitute for the following :
A man who does a thing for pleasure but not as a profession.
(A) Anthropologist (B) Atheist
(C) Amateur (D) Audience
Answer: (C)

Complete the following sentence choosing suitable idiom.
93. I wanted to intervene when they were yelling at each other, but would have just __________.
(A) all bark and no bite (B) at the top of a hat
(C) break a leg (D) add fuel to the fire
Answer: (D)

94. They __________ to New Orleans last summer.
(A) came over (B) came out
(C) coming up (D) came across
Answer: (A)

95. Unscramble the following word and write the correct word. 
(A) Garden pine (B) Garderman (C) Pomegranate (D) Grandparent
Answer: (D)

96. Find out the word is which not a synonym of :
(A) fairness (B) symmetry (C) offensiveness (D) winsomeness
Answer: (C)

97. Find out the meaning of the word in italic.
He is not a dishonest salesman, his offer is bonafide.
(A) authentic (B) cunning (C) attractive (D) beneficial
Answer: (A)

98. Choose the group of words that spelt correctly.
(A) miniature, discipline, hyppocricy
(B) miniature, discipline, hypocracy
(C) miniature, discipline, hypocrisy
(D) miniature, disciplin, hypocrisy
Answer: (C)

99. Pick out a single noun from the list.
(A) axis (B) bacteria (C) calves (D) curricula
Answer: (A)

100. The man __________ is at the gate, is my grandfather.
(A) who (B) which (C) whom (D) whose
Answer: (A)

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