Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Question Code : 47/2019    
Date Of Test : 05/10/2019    

81. Which type of sentence is given below : 
 Anu is a good girl. 
 (A) Exclamatory (B) Imperative
 (C) Assertive (D) Interrogative 
 Answer: (C)

82. She goes slowly. The word slowly denotes : 
 (A) Pronoun (B) Verb
 (C) Adjective (D) Adverb
Answer: (D)

83. Kerala is _______ most literate state.
 (A) a (B) all
 (C) an (D) the
Answer: (D)

84. Find out the correct answer : 
 _________ you mind closing the window ? 
 (A) Should (B) Might
 (C) Would (D) Could
  Answer: (C)

85. Complete the sentence : 
 Let us have an ice cream, _________ ? 
 (A) do we ?  (B) had we ? 
 (C) shall we ?  (D) did we ?  
  Answer: (C)

86. Select the correct word. 
 My school will open ________ the 3 June. 
 (A) on (B) in
 (C) at (D) by
  Answer: (A)

87. Find out gerund form in the following sentence : 
 Raju like playing football. 
 (A) football (B) playing
 (C) like (D) Raju 
  Answer: (B)

88. Select the correct sentence :
 Gopan said Boban “I cannot lift the box”. 
 (A) Gopan said to Boban that he cannot lift the box.
 (B) Gopan said to Boban that he could not lift the box. 
 (C) Gopan said to Boban that he had not lift the box. 
 (D) Gopan said to Boban that he did not lift the box.  
  Answer: (B)

89. Choose the correct sentence : 
 Most children like ice cream. 
 (A) Ice cream is liked by most children.
 (B) Most children liked ice cream. 
 (C) Ice cream is like by most children. 
 (D) Most children is liked ice cream.  
 Answer: (A)

90. Select the correct form of tense :
 The chief guest ________ (arrive) here by car at 2.00 PM tomorrow. 
 (A) arrived (B) arrives
 (C) is arriving (D) will arrive 
  Answer: (D)

91. Find out the suitable word :
 A flock of ________
 (A) ships (B) sticks
 (C) soldiers (D) sheep 
  Answer: (D)

92. The word life-long is an example for ________.
 (A) phrasal verb (B) compound word
 (C) one word (D) primary word 
  Answer: (B)

93. The idiom fish out of water means : 
 (A) a  fish above water  (B) in an uneasy situation 
 (C) in a happy way  (D) fish caught from water  
  Answer: (B)

94. The antonym of the word merciful is : 
 (A) unmerciful (B) immerciful 
 (C) dismerciful  (D) merciless
  Answer: (D)

95. A good citizen could not ________ racial discrimination. 
 (A) put by  (B) make away
 (C) put up with  (D) put on  
  Answer: (D)

96. The word Elevator is from _______ English.
 (A) British (B) American
 (C) German (D) Indian 
  Answer: (B)

97. A person who studies the evolution of mankind;
 (A) Anthropologist (B) Archaeologist
 (C) Geologist (D) Astronomer 
  Answer: (A)

98. The word sole means :
 (A) one and only 
 (B) the spiritual and immortal element of a person 
 (C) peace 
 (D) incomplete 
  Answer: (A)

99. Find out the word with correct spelling of a disease. 
 (A) Cholara (B) Colara
 (C) Cholera (D) Colera 
  Answer: (C)

100. Which is not a synonym of Rude ?
 (A) insolent (B) secure
 (C) impolite (D) abusive 
 Answer: (C)

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