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Translator (Malayalam to English) -Advocate General Office
Question Code: 42/2019    
Date of Test: 25/09/2019   

21. The furniture –––––––––– my house is very costly. 
(A) on (B) into
(C) for (D) in 
Answer: (D)

22. The word most suitable to ‘Terrestrial’ is :
(A) urban (B) alien
(C) earth (D) planet
 Answer: (C)

23. He came early –––––––––– did not stay long.
(A) but (B) although
(C) because (D) after 
Answer: (A)

24. He felt –––––––––– happiness that he had never felt before.
(A) zero article (B) a
(C) an (D) the 
Answer: (B)

25. She must be –––––––––– five feet in height.
(A)  along (B) between
(C) around (D) with 
Answer: (C)

26. They –––––––––– (sit) on the lawn when it started to rain.
(A) have sit (B) have been sitting
(C) were sitting (D) will sit 
Answer: (C)

27. I am going to buy a computer when the price –––––––––– (come) down.
(A) come (B) will come 
(C) have come (D) came 
Answer: (A)

28. It was a great party. You –––––––––– have come. Why didn’t you?
(A) must (B) can
(C) would (D) should 
Answer: (D)

29. Are you the –––––––––– in the family?
(A) elder (B) older
(C) eldest (D) oldest 
Answer: (C)

30. The last two years –––––––––– very good.
(A) are (B) were
(C) be (D) is 
Answer: (B)

31. The authorities –––––––––– her for completing the project ahead of schedule. 
(A) complemented (B) complimenting
(C) complimented (D) complementing 
Answer: (C)

32. A speech made for the first time is called :
(A) maid speech (B) maidenly speech
(C)  maiden speech (D) maidlike speech 
Answer: (C)

33. A –––––––––– Bulletin announced the death of more victims of the accident.
(A) last (B) later
(C) latest (D) latter 
Answer: (B)

34. I asked her –––––––––– she was.
(A) who (B) whom
(C) which (D) why 
Answer: (A)

35. If it were possible I –––––––––– do it.
(A) could (B) would
(C) must (D) dare 
Answer: (B)

36. After I had –––––––––– him farewell, I hurried away.
(A) bid (B) bade 
(C) bode (D) bidden 
Answer: (D)

37. The banqueting hall is used only for –––––––––– occasions.
(A) ceremony (B) ceremonious
(C) ceremonial (D) ceremoniously 
Answer: (C)

38. How we –––––––––– the good old days!
(A) last for (B) live for
(C) long for (D) left for 
Answer: (C)

39. The antonym of ‘‘death’’ is :
(A)  life (B) abundance
(C) lack (D) paucity
Answer: (to be deleted)

40. Give one word for the phrase ‘to forgive’ :
(A)  charisma (B) contempt
(C) consecrate (D) condone 
Answer: (D)

41. We –––––––––– allow our forests to be destroyed; otherwise, we –––––––––– face a grave crisis : 
(A) shouldn’t – will (B) mustn’t – wont
(C)  couldn’t – would (D) needn’t – won’t 
Answer: (A)

42. –––––––––– come with me. 
(A)  Did (B) Done
(C) Does (D) Do 
Answer: (D)

43. We agree –––––––––– most things.
(A)  with (B) about
(C) to (D) for 
Answer: (B)

44. –––––––––– Madhu didn’t attend the interview is unfortunate.
(A) It (B) What 
(C) That (D) If 
Answer: (C)

45. The journey across the Old Silk route was a hazardous one, ––––––––––?
(A) isn’t it (B) aren’t it
(C)  weren’t it (D) wasn’t it 
Answer: (D)

46. My car broke down and –––––––––– I arrived very late.
(A) similarly (B) obviously
(C) consequently (D) conversely 
Answer: (C)

47. The institution –––––––––– (flourish) for the past 150 years.
(A) has been flourishing (B) have been flourished
(C) had flourished (D) have been flourishing 
Answer: (A)

48. The ship lost all –––––––––– crew during the storm.
(A) its (B) her
(C) him (D) his 
Answer: (B)

49. It is an ill wind –––––––––– blows no one –––––––––– good.
(A) that – some (B) that – any
(C) which – some (D) which – any 
Answer: (B)

50. No sooner had he reached the dockyard –––––––––– the ship began to sail away.
(A) but (B) until
(C) than (D) since 
Answer: (C)

51. My sister dances –––––––––– me.
(A)  better than (B) good than
(C) best than (D) better then 
Answer: (A)

52. The account book –––––––––– with the invoice is enclosed. 
(A) and (B) along 
(C) also (D) together 
Answer: (D)

53. He –––––––––– not challenge me.
(A) daren’t (B) dare
(C) dares (D) daring 
Answer: (B)

54. He is –––––––––– hard on himself.
(A)  been (B) be
(C) being (D) not 
Answer: (C)

55. He –––––––––– his temper.
(A)  lost (B) caught
(C) shed (D) stopped 
Answer: (A)

56. She did not eat :
(A)  more (B) much
(C) most (D) mere 
Answer: (B)

57. Many different –––––––––– live in Europe.
(A) peoples (B) nations
(C) ethnicity (D) hybridity 
Answer: (A)

58. Being a dreamer, she is forever absorbed in :
(A)  gloom of despair (B) flash of wit
(C) gleam of delight (D) flights of fancy 
Answer: (D)

59. Everything that he did was open and :
(A)  above all (B) above board
(C) above on (D) above in 
Answer: (B)

60. I am not lonely; I am –––––––––– living alone.
(A)  so that (B) used to
(C) would rather (D) like 
Answer: (B)

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