Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Question Paper Code: 035/2019    
Date of Test: 27/07/2019    

61. One of the ministers ................... attending the function scheduled on next month.
(A) are          (B) was
(C) is            (D) has been
Answer: (C)

62. Japanese cameras are superior ................... those made in china.
(A) than (B) to
(C) most (D) with
Answer: (B)

63. The Labourers abstained ----------------- work today.
(A) from (B) of

(C) with (D) over
Answer: (A)

64, When I reached the examination hall, the exam :
(A) was started (B) had started

(C) started (D) has started
Answer: (B)

65. She —————— the book since 8’ O clock in the morning.
(A) have been reading (B) has been reading

(C) is reading (D) was reading
Answer: (B)

66. None of us knew the way,-----------------?
(Add a proper question Tag)
(A) do we? (B) did n't we?

(C) did we? (D) don't we?
Answer: (C)

67. Change into indirect speech.
The teacher asked him, “ where did you go yesterday”?
(A) The teacher asked him where he had gone the previous day
(B) The teacher asked him where he has gone the previous day
(C) The teacher asked him where he had been going yesterday

(D) The teacher asked him where he was going yesterday
Answer: (A)

68. Change the voice
They are playing cricket:
(A) Cricket was played by them
(B) Cricket has been played by them
(C) Cricket is being played by them

(D) Cricket was being played by them
Answer: (C)

69. Thad to complete this work ——————— was tired.
(A) even (B) though
(C) in spite of (D) because
Answer: (B)

70. If I had been a bird, I ——————— in the sky.
(A) Could fly (B) Can fly
(C) Will fly (D) Could have flown
Answer: (D)

71. Synonym for‘Obstinate’ is:
(A) arrogant (B) Stubborn
(C) eccentric (D) gentle
Answer: (B)

72. The opposite of the word ‘Acquit’ :
(A) condemn (B) defeat
(C) retreat (D) prohibit
Answer: (A)

73. Choose the phrasal verb which means ‘extinguish’ :
(A) put off (B) put down
(C) put out (D) put in
Answer: (C)

74. Which of the following word means ‘indefinitely’?
(A) locus standi   (B) in inito
(C) ex-parte             (D) sine die
Answer: (D)

75. One who is a hater of women :
(A) misogynist (B) misologist
(C) pessimist   (D) misanthropist
Answer: (A)

76. Why don't you sit -------------- me?
(A) next        (B) close
(C) beside      (D) besides
Answer: (C)

77. Choose the correctly spelt word :
(A) comittee         (B) Committee
(C) committe         (D) commitee
Answer: (B)

78. In which of the following word: “en’ is not used as a prefix :
(A) enlist                   (B) envy
(C) encourage           (D) enlighten
Answer: (B)

79. Which of the following words means ‘collection of ships’?
(A) pack      (B) cluster
(C) fleet         (D) group
Answer: (C)

80. Man proposes, God :
(A) exposes               (B) disposes
(C) expresses           (D) imposes
Answer: (B)

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