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2019 - JULY (Question Paper-08)
L.D.Clerk (By Transfer) - Kerala Water Authority - OMR TEST
Question Code: 31/2019
Date of Test: 18/07/2019 Thursday
Exam Details: Click here

21. Which hormone is injected in pregnant women during childbirth?
(A) Estrogen
(B) Vasopressin
(C) Oxytocin
(D) Somatotrophin
Answer: (C)

22. In the electrical circuit of a house the fuse is used :
(A) To regulate the current
(B) To load
(C) As step - down device
(D) As safety device
Answer: (D)

23. Drinking Soda is :
(A) Neutral
(B) Acidic
(C) Amphoteric
(D) Basic
Answer: (B)

24, A cross between hybrid and either of any parent (Dominant or Recessive) is called :
(A) Back cross
(B) Test cross
(C) Monohybrid cross
(D) Dihybrid cross
Answer: (A)

25. Which metal is widely used for the production of powerful and lightweight magnets?
(A) Zircon
(B) Titanium
(C) Neodymium
(D) Cerium
Answer: (C)

26. Which of the following is called as ‘Royal Disease’?
(A) Anemia
(B) Leukemia
(C) Hemophilia
(D) Colour blindness
Answer: (C)

27, A modern concept of Galvanic cells :
(A) Lithium-ion cell
(B) Ni-cd cell
(C) Mercury cell
(D) Hydrogen — Oxygen fuel cell
Answer: (D)

28. The ability of a liquid at extremely low temperature to flow upwards overcoming the force of gravity :
(A) Superfluidity
(B) Evaporation
(C) Levigation
(D) Transpiration
Answer: (A)

29. The scientist who first sent electromagnetic waves to distant places is :
(A) James Clark Maxwell
(B) J.L. Baird
(C) Hein Rich Hertz
(D) Thomas Alva Edison
Answer: (D)

30. In eye donation which one of the following parts of donor’s eye is utilized.
(A) Iris
(B) Lens
(C) Retina
(D) Cornea
Answer: (D)

31. Panchayati Raj System was introduced in Kerala in :
(A) 1960
(B) 1962
(C) 1965
(D) 1967
Answer: (X)

32. The Constitution Amendment which is known as Mini Constitution :
(A) 42nd
(B) 73rd
(C) 66th
(D) 77th
Answer: (A)

33. The Viceroy who passed the Vernacular Press Act in 1878?
(A) Lord Canning
(B) Lord Curzon
(C) Lord Rippon
(D) Lord Lytton
Answer: (D)

34, Who is the author of A Short History of Peasant Movement in Kerala?
(A) C. Achyutha Menon
(B) Paravoor T.K. Narayana Pillai
(C) E.M.S. Nambudiripad
(D) A.K. Gopalan
Answer: (C)

35. Sardar Sarovar dam is built across the river :
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Godavari
(C) Thapti
(D) Narmada
Answer: (D)

36. How many countries participated in the FIFA Russian World Cup 2018?
(A) 28
(B) 30
(C) 32
(D) 34
Answer: (C)

37. Who among the following was the first women President of Indian National Congress?
(A) Sarojini Naidu
(B) Mrs. Annie Besant
(C) Vijayalakshmi Pandit
(D) Sucheta Kripalani
Answer: (B)

38. Who invented Electron?
(A) Ernest Rutherford
(B) James Chadwick
(C) John Dalton
(D) J.J. Thomson
Answer: (D)

39. Founder of Satyashodak Samaj :
(A) Jyothirao Phule
(B) Mahadeva Govinda Ranade
(C) Iswara Chandra Vidya Sagar
(D) Swami Dayananda Saraswathy
Answer: (A)

40. Which among the following days is observed as World Meteorological Day?
(A) March 20
(B) March 22
(C) March 23
(D) March 3
Answer: (C)

41. In 1864 John Lawrency, the Viceroy of India officially moved his council to :
(A) Manali
(B) Shimla
(C) Srinagar
(D) Mussoorie
Answer: (B)

42. Headquarters of survey of India :
(A) Dehradun
(B) Kolkatta
(C) New Delhi
(D) Puna
Answer: (A)

43. Under Civil Disobedience Movement, Gandhiji reached Dandi on
(A) 18th April 1930
(B) 11th March 1930
(C) 26th March 1930
(D) 6th April 1930
Answer: (D)

44, The famous image of Bharat Mata first created:
(A) Abanindranath Tagore
(B) Rabindranath Tagore
(C) Benkim Chandra Chattopadhyay
(D) Devendranath Tagore
Answer: (C)

45. ‘Puduvaipu Era’ commenced in memory of :
(A) Floods of 1341
(B) Floods of 1789
(C) Floods of 1924
(D) Floods of 1899
Answer: (A)

46. The largest fresh water lake in Kerala :
(A) Vembanad lake
(B) Ashtamudi lake
(C) Sasthamcotta lake
(D) Kumbla lake
Answer: (C)

47. Gate way of Bengal
(A) Chunar
(B) Rajmahal hills
(C) Kaligar
(D)  Teliagarhi
Answer: (D)

48. The cylonic storm that hit Andra Pradesh and Tamilnadu Coasts on 16‘ December 2018:
(A) Phethai
(B) Okhi
(C) Vardah
(D) Gaja
Answer: (A)

49, First Industrial Worker’s strike in India :
(A) Ahmedabad Mill Workers
(B) Howrah Railway station Workers
(C) Bombay Mill Workers
(D) Industrial workers in Madras
Answer: (B)

50. First President of All India Trade Union Congress :
(A) Lala Lajpat Rai
(B) Tilak
(C) Gokhale
(D) Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: (A)

51. River that flows eastward direction :
(A) Pamba
(B) Periyar
(C) Pambar
(D) Thirur
Answer: (C)

52. Peacock’s habitat :
(A) Semi evergreen forest
(B) Dry deciduous forest
(C) Moist deciduous forest
(D) Shola forest
Answer: (B)

53. The only live Volcano in India :
(A) Minicoy
(B) Andaman
(C) Barren Island
(d) Kavarathy
Answer: (X)

54, Based on Rangarajan Committee Poverty line in rural areas :
(A) ₹32 a day
(B) ₹54 a day
(C) ₹35 a day
(D) ₹47 a day
Answer: (A)

55. India’s first official census took place in :
(A) 1921
(B) 1931
(C) 1781
(d) 1881
Answer: (D)

56. The apex body to coordinate the rural financial system :
(A) Land Development Bank
(B) Canara Bank
(D) State Bank of India
Answer: (C)

57. Golden Revolution introduced in which sector :
(A) Horticulture
(B)_ Fisheries
(C) Animal husbandry
(D) Milk production
Answer: (A)

58. The scheme introduced to cover insurance for the benefit of workers in the informal sector :
(A) General insurance
(B) Rashtriya Swastika Bhima Yojana
(C) Am Adni Bhima Yojana
(D) Indira Gandhi National Old age Pension Scheme
Answer: (B)

59. Employment Guarantee Act enacted in:
(A) 2006
(B) 2010
(C) 2011
(D) 2005
Answer: (D)

60. The unique phenomenon of a temple, a Church a mosque and a synagogue situated adjacent to one another within the same compound at :
(A) Chennamangalam
(B) Mattanchery
(C) Erumeli
(D) Palayam
Answer: (A)

61. Who is called the Father of Indian Constitution?
(A) Rajendra Prasad
(B) MLN. Roy
(C) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
(D) K.M. Munshi
Answer: (C)

62. Part - IV of the Indian Constitution deals with
(A) Secular State
(B) Fundamental Rights
(C) Preamble
(D) Directive Principles of State Policy
Answer: (D)

63. Who is the Head of the Indian Republic?
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Governor
(C) Speaker
() President of India
Answer: (D)

64, What is the maximum strength of the Rajya Sabha as per constitutional provisions?
(A) 240
(B) 245
(C) 250
(D) 545
Answer: (C)

65. Who appoints the Judges of the Supreme Court?
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Cabinet
(C) President
(D) Chief Justice
Answer: (C)

66. When National Human Rights Commission set up?
(A) 1993
(B) 1995
(C) 1997
(D) 1999
Answer: (A)

67. Who conducts examination for appointments to services of the union?
(A) Union Government
(B) Finance Commission
(C) Election Commission
(D) Union Public Service Commission
Answer: (D)

68. Which articles deal with Right to Equality?
(A) 25 to 28
(B) 23 to 24
(C) 19to 22
(D) 14to18
Answer: (D)

69. Which among the following is considered as the basis of Socio-Economic Democracy in India?
(A) Directive Principles of state policy
(B) Fundamental Rights
(C) Panchayat Raj
() Provisions relating to backward class
Answer: (A)

70. NITI Aayog Replace :
(A) Finance Commission
(B) Planning Commission
(C) Election Commission
(D) Public Service Commission
Answer: (B)

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