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2017 - April (Question Paper-01)
Date of Test: 01-04-2017
Question Paper Code: 034/2017
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1. The code name of the first vehicle driven by man on the moon's surface : 
(A) Lunar  (B) Rover 
(C) Eagle  (D) Challenger 
Answer: (B)

2. In which year IT act came into force in India? 
(A) 2000 (C) 1998 
(B) 2005 (D) 2001 
Answer: (A)

3. The fear of being out of mobile phone contact is known as: 
(A) Biophobia  (B) Monophobia 
(C) Nomophobia  (D) Sonophobia 
Answer: (C)

4.  In which place Mortuary temple of Seti I located? 
(A) Jordan  (B) Greece 
(C) Tunisia  (D). Egypt 
Answer: (D)

5.  In which country recently conducted the first Brain implantation? 
(A) U.K.  (B) Netherlands 
(C) Iceland  (D) Germany 
Answer: (B)

6. Name the Identity Card given to artisans in Gujarat for national recognition : 
(A) Swaroop  (B) Ekta 
(C) Pahchan  (D) Samaanta 
Answer: (C)

7. Who was appointed as Sub Collector of Thalassery to suppress the revolt of Pazhassi Raja : 
(A) Munro  (B) Curzon 
(C) Robert Clive  (D) T.H. Baber 
Answer: (D)

8.  Name the robot has been introduced by Kumbakonam based City Union bank to improve Customer Service: 
(A) Cub – Union  (B) Cub - Ubi 
(C) Cub - Ganga  (D) Cub - Lakshmi 
Answer: (D)

9.  Name the revolutionary Cuban leader who died on 25th November 2016: 
(A) Fidel Vostro  (B) Ryan Vastro 
(C) Ryder Castro  (D) Fidel Castro 
Answer: (D)

10  In which year NABARD was established? 
(A) 1985 (C) 1995 
(B) 1990 (D) 1982 
Answer: (D)

11. Who is the present Chairman of National Hydro Electric Power Corporation? 
(A) Shyam Srinivasan  (B) K.M. Singh 
(C) Ajaypal Singh  (D) P.S. Jayakumar 
Answer: (B)

12. Headquarters of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI): 
(A) Poona  (B) Hyderabad 
(C) New Delhi  (D) Mumbai 
Answer: (D)

13. Name the currency of Japan : 
(A) Yen (C) Rial 
(B) Lira (D) Ruble 
Answer: (A)

14. India's Satelite launch-pad is located at : 
(A) Visakhapatanam (C) Hyderabad 
(B) Mumbai (D) - ShriHarikotta 
Answer: (D)

15. A method of growing plants without soil : 
(A) Planting  C) Hydroponics 
B) Breeding  D)  Vegitation 
Answer: (C)

16. Who is the Prime Minister of Republic of Mauritius? 
(A) - Anirood Jugnauth  (B) Chownamein 
(C) Mehbooba Mufti  (D) Zakkir Ustad 
Answer: (X)

17. Name the Tibetan Word for New Year : 
(A) Nauros B) Puthuyug
(C) Losar  (D) Era 
Answer: (C)

18. Where did International court of Justice situated : 
(A) Geneeva (B) Switzerland 
(C) London  (D) Hague 
Answer: (D)

19. World Television Day is celebrated on : 
(A) May 21 (B) June 29 
(C) November 21 (D) March 22 
Answer: (C)

20. Which is the capital of Australia? 
(A) Canberra (B) Lisbon 
(C) Madrid (D) Guinea 
Answer: (A)

21. Who is the Chairman of ISRO? 
(A) Dr. Jinyao  (B) A.S. Kirankumar 
(C) J.P. Nanda (D) R.K. Sharma 
Answer: (B)

22. Which British viceroy was related to Subsidiary Alliance System? 
(A) Lord Elenborough  (B) Lord Canning 
(C) Lord Wellesley  (D) Lord MountBatten 
Answer: (C)

23. In which year the Twelfth Five Year Plan started? 
(A) 2010  (B) 2007 
(C) 2008  (D) 2012 
Answer: (D)

24. Newly elected President of USA on November 8, 2016 : 
(A) Ted Cruz  (B) Hillary Clinton 
(C), Donald Trump  (D) Marco Rubio 
Answer: (C)

25. In which state Kakatiya Thermal Power Project existed? 
(A) Telangana  (B) Karnataka 
(C) Maharashtra  (D) Assam 
Answer: (A)

26. Where did the first Satyagraha experiment made by Gandhi in India? 
(A). Bardoli  (B) Champaran 
(C) Dandi  (D) Vaikkom 
Answer: (B)

27. Where did 'Keibul Lamjao National park, the world's only floating national park was located? 
(A) Manipur  (B) Andhra 
(C) Jharkhand  (D) Gujarat 
Answer: (A)

28. Which University has developed the World's first light seeking Synthetic Nano Robot? 
(A) Oxford University  (B) University of Hong Kong 
(C) Cambridge University  (D) Harward University 
Answer: (B)

29. First state to launch Cyber Police Stations in each districts in India : 
(A) Hariyana  (B) Chathisgarh 
(C) Goa  (D) Maharashtra 
Answer: (D)

30. Number of Tinais mentioned in Sangam literature : 
(A) 5  (B) 7
(C) 8  (D) 
Answer: (A)

31. Who is the founder of Atmavidyasangam? 
(A) E.V. Ramaswamy (B) Subrahmanya Bharathy
(C) Vagbatanandan  (D) Ayyankali 
Answer: (C)

32. Where is Jose Maria Cordova International Airport located? 
(A) Brazil  (B) Colombia 
(C) Newyork  (D) Chilie 
Answer: (B)

33. Which is the Coastal Port City had trade relations with Yavanas, situated on the banks of River Periyar? 
(A) Tyndis (B) Kadalundi 
(C) Cochin  (D) Muziris 
Answer: (D)

34. In which state "Annapurna Rasoi Programme" to provide quality meal at cheap price to 
weaker sections of people was launched? 
(A) Rajasthan  (B) Mizoram 
(C) Delhi  (D) Bihar 
Answer: (A)

35. The Headquarter of Malayalam University in Kerala is situated : 
(A) Thrissur  (B) Calicut
 (C) Ernakulam  (D) Tirur 
Answer: (D)

36. Which Day is Celebrated as National Milk Day? 
(A) March 7 (C) November 26 
(B) August 16 (D) October 11 
Answer: (C)

37. Who was the leader of 1857 revolt in Baraut Pargana in Uttarpradesh? 
(A) ShahMal  (B) Maulavi Ahamadulla 
(C) Kunwar Singh  (D) Vajid Ali Sha 
Answer: (A)

38. Who implemented the First Five Year Plan in Soviet Union? 
(A) Lenin  (B) Joseph Stalin 
(C) Gorbachev  (D) Trotsky 
Answer: (B)

39. In which year India became a member of World Trade Organization? 
(A) 2002  (B) 1997 
(C) 2005  (D) 2000 
Answer: (X)

40. Name the event which was followed as a part of Anti-Rowlatt struggle in India? 
(A) Wagon Tragedy  (B) Mappila revolt 
(C) Partition of Bengal  (D) Jallianwalabagh Massacre 
Answer: (D)

41. In which year Kundara proclamation declared? 
(A) 1856 (B) 1809 
(C) 1833 (D)1805 
Answer: (B)

42. Which country's court poet was Atula in the ancient Kerala? 
(A) Ezhimala  (B) Ay 
(C) Venad  (D) Travancore 
Answer: (A)

43. The first Swadeshi printing press started by Chavara Kuriakose Elias : 
(A) Mannanam  (B) Thrissur 
(C) Thiruvalla  (D) Kothamangalam 
Answer: (A)

44. The first book completely printed in Malayalam: 
(A) Shabdakosam  (B) Samshepavedertham 
C) Rajyasamacharam  (D) Paschimodayam 
Answer: (B)

45. Which Indian river is known as Tsangpo in China? 
(A) Yamuna (B) Sindhu 
(C) Brahmaputra (D) Mahanadi 
Answer: (C)

46. Who was the exponent of “Aiyyavazhi” system of belief? 
(A) Ayyankali  (B) SreenarayanaGuru 
(C) Vaikundaswami  (D) Gandhi 
Answer: (C)

47. The tallest Peak in Himalaya Mountains : 
(A). Mount Everest (B) Karakkoram 
(C) Siachin  D) Kanchen junga 
Answer: (A)

48. Which Planet is famous for its big Red Spot on it? 
(A) Mars  (B) Venus 
(C) Uranus  (D) Jupiter 
Answer: (D)

49. Which University is Renamed as Kerala university? 
(A) Malabar university (B). Travancore university 
(C) Venad university  (D) Gandhi university 
Answer: (B)

50. Who wrote "Prachina Malayalam"? 
(A) Kunjan Nambiar (C) Chattampiswami 
B) K.P. Kesavamenon  D) Dr. Palpu 
Answer: (C)

51. The "Dronacharya Award" was given to : 
(A) Sportsmen (C) Umpires 
(B) Coaches (D) Sports Editors 
Answer: (B)

52. Who was the first person to walk on the moon? 
(A) Yurigagarin (C) Edmund Hilary 
(B) Neil Armstrong (D) Kalpana Chawla 
Answer: (B)

53. The Pass located at the Southern end of Nilgiri Hills in South India : 
(A) Bhorghat Gap  (B) Thalghat Pass 
(C) Bolan Pass  (D) Palghat Gap 
Answer: (D)

54. Who invented the Steam Engine? 
(A) Marconi (B) Thomas Savery 
(C). James Watt (D) Wright Brothers 
Answer: (C)

55. Numismatics is the study of: 
(A) coins (B) stamps 
(C) numbers  (D) space 
Answer: (A)

56. What is the name of the first satellite sent into space? 
(A) Sputnik  (B) Laika 
(C) Apple  (D) Bhaskara 
Answer: (A)

57. Which instrument is used to measure Pressure? 
(A) Ammeter (B) Manometer
(C) Lactometer  (D) Sacharimeter 
Answer: (B)

58. Which is the border line that separates India and Pakistan? 
(A) Radcliff line (B) Line of control 
(C) Durant line  (D) Rann of Kutch 
Answer: (A)

59. Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title? 
(A) Manoj Kothari  (B) Michael Ferrerna 
(C) Wilson Jones  (D) Geet Sethi 
Answer: (C)

60. Where is the headquarters of National Thermal power Corporation situated? 
(A) Varanasi (B) New Delhi 
(C) Mumbai (D) Dispur 
Answer: (B)
(X' denotes deletion)

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