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2017 - April (Question Paper-03)

Date of Test: 20-04-2017
Question Paper Code: 043/2017
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1. Name the reformer who is related to the religious exercise "Thuvayal
Thavasu" : 
(a) Sreenarayanaguru  (b) Ayyankali 
(c) Rajaram Mohan Roy (d) Aiyya Vaikundar  
Answer: (D)

2. Which is considered as Supreme Law of India? 
(a) President (b) Parliament 
(c) Constitution (d) Supreme Court 
Answer: (C)

3. The Movement started for the reform of Muslims by Vakkom Abdul
Khader Moulavi : 
(a) Islam Dharma Paripalana Yogam (b) Islam Athmya Sabha 
(c) Muslim Reform Society (d) Islam Oriental Society 
Answer: (A)

4. In which year Right to Information Act was passed 
(a) 2006 (6) 2004
(c) 2005 (d) 2009 
Answer: (C)

5. Who is known as the "Lincoln of Kerala"? 
(a) K. Kelappan (b) Saharan Ayyappan 
(c) Pandit K.P. Karuppan (d) Raman Nambiar 
Answer: (C)

6. Which is known as the "Bible of the Socially Depressed"? 
(a) Mithavadi (b) Swadesabhimani 
(c) Rajyasamacharam (d) Cammon wheel  
Answer: (A)

17. Name the first Vayalar award-Winning novel: 
(a) Agnisakshi (b) Balyakalasakhi 
(c) Thottangal (d) Oru Desathinte Katha 
Answer: (A)

8. Which is the temple related to the struggle of Kuttamkulam
(a) Sreerama temple (b) Kudal Manikyam temple 
(c) Sri Padmanabhaswami temple (d) Tab temple 
Answer: (B)

9. Who is known as the campaigner for Swadeshi Movement? 
(a) Akkamma Cheriyan  (b) Kaumudi 
(c) A.V. Kuttimalu Amma (d) Kamala Devi Chauhan 
Answer: (C)

10. From which country Indian constitution take the provision of
Amendment of Constitution (a) Ireland (b) France
(c) Germany (d) South Africa 
Answer: (D)

11. The Publication of Yoga Kshema Sabha is known as: 
(a) Namboothiri Yogam (b) Unni Namboothiri 
(c) Prajakshe mam (d) Namboothiri Sabha 
Answer: (B)

12. Who is the Ex- Officio Chairman of the Civil Services Board of the
Republic of India? 
(a) Prime Minister (b) Speaker 
(c) Vice President (d) Cabinet Secretary 
Answer: (D)

13. The Socio-Religious Movement Started by Poikavil Yohanan : 
(al Samatwa Samajam (b) Tatwabathini Sabha 
(c) Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha (d) Athmiya Raksha Sabha 
Answer: (C)

14. The first English language Newspaper in south India: 
(a) The Hindu (b) The Times of India
(c) The Gazette (d) Madras Standard 
Answer: (D) 

15. Which Schedule of Indian Constitution relates to Official
(a) 11th (b) 8th
(c) 4th (d) 9th 
Answer: (B)

16. Which is the island widely known as the only home of dodos? 
(a) Mauritius (b) Japan 
(c) Greenland (d) Indonesia 
Answer: (A)

17. Which is the first country to give Voting right to all women? 
(a) Esthonia (b) Finland 
(c) Netherlands (d) Newzealand 
Answer: (D)

18. Which article makes provision for Public Service Commission for
union and states? 
(a) Article 241 (b) Article 315
(c) Article 24 (d) Article 112 
Answer: (B)

19. Which is the Malayalam literal journal established in 1904 to serve as
a voice of Ezhavas and SNDP? 
(a) Vivekodayam (b) Yoganadham (c) Vinjanamanjari
(d) Abhinavakeralam 
Answer: (A)

20. The first foreign country's army who participated in the Republic Day
Parade of India : (a) Australia (b) France 
(c) Belgium (d) Italy
Answer: (B)

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