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2017 - August (Question Paper-05)
Date of Test: 10-08-2017
Question Paper Code: 086/2017
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1. Which Kerala river is mentioned as Choorni in Chanakya's
(A) Bharatapuzha  (B) Pamba 
(C) Periyar  (D) Chaliyar 
Answer: (C)

2. The biggest irrigation project in Kerala is Kallada project, belong to which district?
(A) Kollam  (B) Alappuzha 
(C) Idukki  (D) Ernakulam 
Answer: (A)

3.  Pazhassi Raja Art Gallery is in
(A) Wayanad (C) Kannur
(B) Kozhikode (D) Thiruvananthapuram
Answer: (B)

4. Who built the Dutch Palace at Mattancherry in 1555? 
(A) The Dutch  (B) The French
(C) The Portuguese  (D) The English
Answer: (C) 

5. Which rulers of Kerala controlled the Lakshadweep? 
(A) Zamorins of Kozhikode  (B) Kochin rulers
(C) Thiruvithaincoor rulers  (D) Arakkal Kingdom
Answer: (D) 

6. Which is the mountain range that starting from the Tapti river in the North to Kanyakumari in South?
(A) Deccan Plateau  (B) Eastern ghat
(C) Western ghat  (D) Aravalli Mountain ranges
Answer: (C)

7. Which among the following is a Salt Lake in Rajasthan? 
(A) Sambhar Lake  (B) Redhill Lake
(C) Kaylana Lake  (D) Chilka Lake
Answer: (A)

8. Bhilai Steel Plant was established with the collaboration of
(A) Japan  (B) Russia
(C) America  (D) Germany
Answer: (B)

9.  The longest National Highway in India is
(A) NH. 5 (B) NH. 6 (C) NH. 8  (D) NH. 7
Answer: (D)

10. Which one of the following rivers does not form any delta at its mouth?
(A) Tapti  (B) Kavery
(C) Mahanadi  (D) Godavari
Answer: (A) 

11. Which one of the following is a non-renewable source of energy? 
(A) Hydel  (B) Thermal
(C) Solar (D) Wind Power
Answer: (B)

12. Akbar's enlightened religious policy was based on his philosophy of Sulh-i-Kul which meant
(A) Universal tolerance  (B) Enlightened benevolence
(C) Unity of Godhead  (D) Universal peace
Answer: (D)

13. Who was the British general, considered Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi as the best and bravest military leader of the rebels?
(A) Sir Hug Rose  (B) Sir Colin Campbell
(C) Major General Havelock (D) Sir James Outram 
Answer: (A)

14. Who was the first propounder of the doctrine of passive resistance?
(A) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (B) Aurobindo Ghosh
(C) Bal Gangadhar Tilak  (D) Mahatma Gandhi
Answer: (B)

15.  The period mentioned in the autobiography of Gandhiji. 
(A) 1869-1948  (B) 1869-1930
(C) 1869-1923  (D) 1869-1922
Answer: (C)

16. Who wrote the book 'Planned Economy of India? 
(A) Dadabhai Naoroji  (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Ravi Batra  (D) M. Visveswarayya
Answer: (D)

17. Right to Education is the article mentioned in
(A) Article-32 (B) Article-21A 
(C) Article-24  (D) Article-21
Answer: (B)

18. Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly?
(A) Sacchidananda Sinha  (B) K.M. Munshi
(C) Dr Rajendra Prasad  (D) Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: (A) 

19. Which one of the following is not connected with the poverty eradication programmes of Central Government?
(A) Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
(B) Swarnajayanthi Gramaswarojgar Yojana
(C) Ashraya, Rehabilitation of destitute
(D) Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme
Answer: (C)

20. By which Amendment, the right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights?
(A) 7th Amendment. 1956  (B) Oh Amendment, 1960
(C) 61th Amendment, 1989 (D) 44th Amendment, 1978                                  
Answer: (D) 

21. Who is the present Chairman of National Human Right Commission?
(A) Justice H.L. Dattu  (B) Justice Syriac Joseph
(C) Justice K.G. Balakrishnan (D) M.N. Venkitachellaya
Answer: (A)

22.  In which year Indian IT Act (amendment) passed by Indian Parliament?
(A) 2000 (B) 2008 (C) 2007  (D) 2003
Answer: (B)

23. India's first Cyber Crime police station started at
(A) New Delhi  (B) Mumbai 
(C) Bangalore  (D) Kolkata 
Answer: (C)

24. In which year The Right to Information Act passed? 
(A) 2004 (B) 2003
(C) 2006  (D) 2005
Answer: (D)

25. Who was the first Chairperson of the National Commission for Women?
(A) Jayanti Patnaik  (B) Mamta Sharma 
(C) Mohini Giri  (D) Sugatha Kumari 
Answer: (A)

26. Who is the new Chairman of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers on Goods and Services Tax (GST)? 
(A) Amit Mitra  (B) K.M. Mani
(C) Asim Dasgupta  (D) Sushil Modi
Answer: (A)

27. Who got the country's highest gallantry award, Ashok Chakra in 2016, posthumously?
(A) Lance Naik Hanumanthappa (B) Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami 
(C) Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan Kumar (D) DSC Jagadish Chand 
Answer: (B)

28. Who is recently appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Niti Aayog? 
(A) Arvind Panagaria  (B) Deepak Gupta
(C) Amitab Kanth  (D) Justice Syriac Joseph
Answer: (C)

29. Who was the chief guest at the 67th Republic Day celebrations at Delhi?
(A) Barak Obama  (B) K.P. Sharma Oli
(C) Nawaz Shareef  (D) Francois Hollande
Answer: (D)

30. Who is the Governor of the Arunachal Pradesh? 
(A) J.P. Rajkhowa  (B) ESL Narasimhan
(C) Padmanabha Acharya  (D) Ramnad Kovind
Answer: (A)

31. Ezhuthachan Oru Padanam', the prose work written by
(A) Akbar Kakkattil  (B) O.N.V. Kuruppu
(C) M.T. Vasudevan Nair  (D) M. Leelavathi
Answer: (B)

32. According to survey of Urban Development Ministry under Swachh Survekshan, 2016, which city ranked cleanest city? 
(A) Varanasi  (B) Chandigarh
(C) Dhanbad  (D) Mysuru
Answer: (D) 

33. Recently India launched IRNSS IE from the Satheesh Dhawan Space Centre Sriharikota, with the help of the launching vehicle. 
(A) PSLV-C 28 (B) PSLV C-31
(C) PSLV-C 20   (D) PSLV C-16
Answer: (B)

34. Who won the 2016 FIFA Ballond' or Award? 
(A) Neymar (B) Luis Suarez
(C) Lionel Messi  (D) Oliver Giroud
Answer: (C)

35. Who got the Best Director award, in 46th State film award of 2015? 
(A) Sanal Kumar Sasidharan  (B) Sri Bala K. Menon
(C) Manoj Kana  (D) Martin Prakkatt
Answer: (D)

36. Who is the new Chief Information Commissioner of India? 
(A) Nazeem Saidi  (B) Dr Y.V. Reddy 
(C) R.K. Mathur  (D) Mugal Rohtagi 
Answer: (C)

37. Detergents used for cleaning clothes and utensils contain
(A) Nitrates  (B) Sulphates
(C) Sulphonates  (D) Bismuthates
Answer: (B)

38.  The study of nerve system, its functions and its disorders
(A) Neurology  (B) Numerology
(C) Nephrology   (D) Numismatics
Answer: (A)

39.  Central Food and Technological Research Institute is situated in
(A) Bangalore  (B) Lucknow
(C) Chennai  (D) Mysore
Answer: (D)

40.  The microwave oven was invented by
(A) Percy L. Spencer (B) Hurley Machine Company
(C) William Hunt  (D) Christian Huygens
Answer: (A) 

41.  In case of a chemical change. Which of the following is generally affected?
(A) Proton (B) Neutron 
(C) Electron  (D) Nucleus 
Answer: (C)

42. As the train starts moving, a man sitting inside Ieans backwards because of
(A) Inertia of motion  (B) Inertia of rest
(C) Conservation of mass  (D) Moment of inertia
Answer: (B)

43.  The biggest star in our galaxy is
(A) Proxima Centauri (B) Epsilon Aurigae
(C) Sirius  (D) Sun
Answer: (C)

44. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently declared the end of disease in West Africa. 
(A) AIDS  (B) ZIKA (C) TB  (D) Ebola 
Answer: (D)

45.  The maximum power in India comes from which plants? 
(A) Thermal  (B) Hydroelectric
(C) Nuclear  (D) Solar
Answer: (A)

46. "Mokshapradeepam' the work written by the eminent social reformer of Kerala.
(A) Dr Palppu (B) Brahmananda Shivayogi
(C) Swami Vagbhatananda  (D) V.T. Bhatathiripad
Answer: (B)

47. Araya Service Society was established by
(A) Pandit Karuppan (B) Poikayil Kumara Gurudevan
(C) Dr. Velukutty Arayan (D) Pambadi Jhon Joseph
Answer: (C)

48.  The first to perform mirror consecration in South India
(A) Sri Narayana Guru (B) Swami Vagbhatananda
(C) Chattampi Swamikal (D) Vaikunda Swamikal
Answer: (D) 

49. Who was the founder of Ezhava Mahasabha? 
(A) Sri Narayana Guru  (B) Dr Palppu
(C) Vagbhatananda  (D) Kumaragurudevan
Answer: (B)

50. In which year Chattampi Swamikal attained his Samadhi at Panmana?
(A) 1925 (B) 1920 (C) 1924  (D) 1926
Answer: (C)

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