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2017 - June (Question Paper-06)
Date of Test: 22-06-2017
Question Paper Code: 072/2017
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1. The 2020 Olympics will be held in : 
(A) Tokyo (B) London
(C) Peru (D) Mexico
Answer: (A)

2. The U.S. President Donald Trump was the Presidential nominee of which party?
(A) Socialist Party (B) Republican Party
(C) Democratic Party (D) Libertarian Party
Answer: (B)

3. International Literacy Day is on : 
(A) 4th September (B) 5th June
(C) 8th June (D) 8th September
Answer: (D)

4. Founder of Samathwa Samajam in Kerala : 
(A) Ayya Vaikunda Swamikal (B) Dr. Palpu
(C) Sahodaran Ayyappan (D) Ayyankali
Answer: (A)

5. Karat Govindan Kutty Menon was the real name of……….
(A) Chattampi Swami (B) Ayya Vaikundar
(C) Brahmananda Sivayogi (D) Thycaud Ayya
Answer: (C) 

6. ‘Ente Jeevitha Samarankal’ was the autobiography of :
(A) Sree Narayana Guru (B) Mannathu Padmanabhan
(C) Pandit Karuppan (D) V.T. Bhattathirippadu
Answer: (B)

7. Who has been known as the Father of Kerala Renaissance? 
(A) K. Kelappan (B) Kumaranasan
(C) Sree Narayana Guru (D) Vagbhadananda
Answer: (C) 

8. Which River is also known as Indus? 
(A) Ganga (B) Brahmaputra
(C) Kaveri (D) Sindhu
Answer: (D)

9. The first ecotourism in India : 
(A) Goa (B) Thenmala
(C) Wayanadu (D) Mysore
Answer: (B)

10. The father of the Modern Travancore : 
(A) Marthanda Varma (B) Dharmaraja
(C) Pazhassi Raja (D) Visakham Tirunal
Answer: (A)

11. Who wrote the book “Indian War of Independence”?
(A) M.N. Roy (B) V.D. Savarkar 
(C) Thara Chand (D) B.R. Nanda 
Answer: (B)

12. The progress in the increase of Fish production was called : 
(A) White Revolution (B) Yellow Revolution
(C) Green Revolution (D) Blue Revolution
Answer: (D) 

13. The First Five Year Plan in India was from : 
(A) 1947 - 1952 (B) 1949 - 1954
(C) 1951 - 1956 (D) 1952 - 1957
Answer: (C)

14. India earns maximum foreign exchange by the export of : 
(A) Iron (B) Tea
(C) Textiles (D) Handloom
Answer: (B)

15. Which Maharaja of Travancore issued the Temple entry proclamation?
(A) Sree Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma
(B) Setu Lakshmi Bai
(C) Ayilyam Tirunal
(D) Swathi Tirunal
Answer: (A) 

16. Andy Murray is a famous................. player. 
(A) Hockey (B) Football
(C) Chess (D) Tennis
Answer: (D)

17. Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of Partition of Bengal (1905)?
(A) Lord Curzon (B) Lord Mayo
(C) Lord Wellesley (D) Lord Lytton
Answer: (A)

18. Who was the First Secretary of SNDP?
(A) Sree Narayana Guru (B) Chattampi Swamikal
(C) Ayyankali (D) Kumaranasan
Answer: (D)

19. Quit India Movement was started on : 
(A) 1930 (B) 1938
(C) 1942 (D) 1946
Answer: (C)

20. Who was the founder of the Ramakrishna Mission? 
(A) Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
(B) Dayananda Saraswathi
(C) Swami Vivekananda (D) Raja Rammohan Roy 
Answer: (C)

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