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PSC PREVIOUS EXAM QUESTIONS 2017 - MAY (Question Paper-01)

2017 - May (Question Paper-01)

Date of Test: 03-05-2017
Question Paper Code: 047/2017
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81. Which National Leader of India is known as 'Prince of Workers'?
 A) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel  B) Lala Lajpath Roy
C) Bal Gangadhara Tilak  D) Gopal Krishna Ghokale
Answer (D)

82. Who is known as 'Akbar of British India'? 

A) Lord Wellesley B) Lord Canning
C) Lord Hardinge  D) Lord Rippon
Answer (A)

83. Who was the first British Viceroy to visit Kerala? 

A) Lord Lytton  B) Lord Wavell
C) Lord Curzon  D) Lord Mount Batten
Answer (C)

84. Which is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust? 

A) Iron B) Aluminium
C) Nickel  D) Silicon
Answer (B)

85. Who among the following is associated with the discovery of rings of 
A) Copper Nikos  B) Christian Huggins
C) Galileo  D) Bhaskaracharya
Answer (C)

86. How many delegates had attended the first session of Indian National Congress? 
A) 82  B) 72
C) 92  D) 98
Answer (B)

87. India changed over to the decimal system of coinage in
A) April 1957 B) April 1935
C) April 1950  D ) April 1947
Answer (A)

88. Which country has the largest coastline? 
A) USA  B) India
C) Australia  D) Canada
Answer (D)

89. The National Anthem was first sung in the year? 
A) 1930 B) 1911
C) 1935  D) 1947
Answer (B)

90. Where is the Railway Staff College located? 
A) Chennai B) Bhopal
C) Pune  D) Vadodara
Answer (D)

91. Who was the author of the book Story of an Escape'? 
A) Surjit Singh Barnala B) Nirupama Rao
C) Dr M. S. Venkatesh  D) Dr Ramesh Kumar Sharma
Answer (A)

92. India's first Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) has been inaugurated in which city?
A) Kochi B) Bhopal
C) Mysuru D) Chennai
Answer (C)

93. World Hindi Day is observed on which date? 
A) January 10  B) January 12
C) February 10  D) February 12
Answer (A)

94. Which Indian state has become the first to introduce a cashless system for Public distributing system of food grains?
A) Sikkim  B) Gujarat
C) Madhya Pradesh D) Punjab
Answer (B)

95. Which of the following State will host the 2022 National Games? 
A) Karnataka B) Rajasthan
C) Bihar   D) Meghalaya
Answer (D)

96. Who compiled 'The Travancore State Manual? 
A) Munro B) Macaulay
C) V. Nagam Aiya  D) William Logan
Answer (C)

97. Who founded the 'Vidya Poshini Sabha'?
A) Sahodharan Ayyappan  B) Swami Agamananda 
C) Chattampi Swamikal  D) Vagbhadananda 
Answer (A)

98. Who was called the 'Simhala Simham'? A) Ayyankali B) Dr. Palpu
C) K. Kelappan  D) C. Kesavan
Answer (D)

99. Name the leader related to the ‘Muthukulam Speech' of 1947.
A) Pattom Thanupillai  B) Mannthu Padmanabhan 
C) V. T. Bhattathirippad  D) Pandit Karuppan 
Answer (B)

100. In which year Sree Narayana Guru held an all religions conference at  Advaithasramam Aluva?
A) 1922 B) 1914
C) 1924  D) 1918
Answer (C)

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