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PSC PREVIOUS EXAM QUESTIONS 2017 - MAY (Question Paper-06)

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1. Which metal is called the ‘Jack of all trades’?
A) Aluminium B) Iron
C) Bauxite D) Manganese
Answer (D)

2. The First Atomic Power Station in India was set up at
A) Tarapur B) Narora 
C) Kalpakkam D) Kayamkulam
Answer (A)

3. The NABARD was established in the year
A) 1983 B) 1980
C) 1982 D) 1981
Answer (C)

4. In India, experimental Television telecast started in
A) Delhi B) Calcutta
C) Madras D) Bombay
Answer (A)

5. The Southern point of India is called Cape Camorin which is separated from the Island of Sri Lanka by the
A) Pak Strait B) Panama Strait
C) Good Hope Strait D) Gulf of Mannar
Answer (D) 

6. The small Mecca of Kerala
A) Thrissur B) Manjeri
C) Ponnani D) Kozhikode
Answer (C)

7. The tourist place where rivers Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala joins together
A) Munnar B) Kuttalam
C) Athirapally D) Ponmudi
Answer (A)

8. The shortest river in Kerala
A) Bhavani B) Achan Kovil
C) Manjeswaram Puzha D) Kabani
Answer (C)

9. Who discovered in 45 AD that the existing monsoon winds regularly blowing across the Indian ocean facilitate trade between Kerala and the West?
A) Columbus B) Hippalus
C) Vasco da Gamma D) Cabral
Answer (B) 

10. Headquarter of Kerala Press Academy
A) Kochi B) Thiruvananthapuram
C) Kozhikode D) Thrissur
Answer (A)

11. A galaxy of scholars and poets called the ‘Ashtadiggajas’ patronised by
A) Akbar B) Krishna Devaraya
C) Shivaji D) Timur
Answer (B)

12. Bal Gangadhar Tilak criticised the policies and the programmes of the British Government through his newspaper
A) Bengal Gazette B) Samachar
C) Darpan D) Kesari
Answer (D)

13. K. B. Menon and twelve others were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment in connection with
A) Lahore Conspiracy
B) Kizhariyur Bomb Case
C) Meerut Conspiracy
D) Multan Conspiracy
Answer (B)

14. Who was the elected President of Indian National Congress in 1925? A) Sarojini Naidu
B) Annie Besant
C) Gopalakrishna Gokhale
D) Motilal Nehru
Answer (A) 

15. Government of Kerala launched Department of NORKA (Non- Resident Keralites Affairs)
A) 1997 B) 1995
C) 1996 D) 1998
Answer (C)

16. Minting of Coin in India is the responsibility of the
A) Reserve Bank of India
B) Government of India
C) Supreme Court  
D) Planning Commission
Answer (B)

17. The Constituent Assembly approved the Indian Constitution on
A) 26 January 1950 B) 15 August 1947
C) 26 January 1949 D) 26 November 1949
Answer (D)

18. Who was the head of the National Planning Committee set up in 1938?
A) Jawaharlal Nehru
B) M. N. Roy
C) Subhashchandra Bose 
D) Jayaprakash Narayan 
Answer (A)

19. ‘Mahalanobis model’ is connected with
A) Sixth Five Year Plan
B) Second Five Year Plan
C) Seventh Five Year Plan 
D) Third Five Year Plan 
Answer (B)

20. A social welfare programme to provide housing for the poor living in rural areas
A) Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana
B) Jawahar Rozgar Yojana
C) Indira Awas Yojana
D) Antyodaya Anna Yojana
Answer (C)  

21. In which year India introduced the Act for the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO)?
A) 2012 B) 2010
C) 2011 D) 2000
Answer (A)

22. ............... Act provides a legal frame work to regulate internet use. A) Open Net Initiative Act
B) Freedom House Report Act
C) Open Cyber Act
D) The Information Technology Act
Answer (D) 

23. Government of India implemented the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in
A) 2001 B) 2007
C) 2005 D) 2002
Answer (X)

24. ‘When Mother is happy, family is happy. When family is happy, nation is happy’. These are the words of
A) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam B) Betrend Russel
C) Gunter Grass D) Oscar Wilde
Answer (A)

25. Who was the tenth Prime Minister of India? 
A) Manmohan Singh
B) Indira Gandhi
C) Atal Bihari Vajpayee 
D) P. V. Narasimha Rao 
Answer (D)

26. Which film won the coveted Golden Peacock Award at the 47th International Film Festival of India held at Panaji in 2016? 
A) Daughter B) Cold of Kalender
C) The Age of Shadow D) The Apology
Answer (A)      

27. Father of Indian Library Science
A) Melvil Dewey B) Nancy Pearl
C) S. R. Ranganathan D) David Hume
Answer (C)

28. 26 July movement is associated with
A) Fidel Castro B) Mussolini 
C) Simon Bolivar D) Hitler 
Answer (A)

29. P. V. Sindhu is associated with
A) Basketball B) Chess
C) Football D) Badminton
Answer (D)

30. The Guindy National Park is in 
A) Karnataka B) Andhra Pradesh 
C) Tamil Nadu D) Telangana 
Answer (C)

31. ‘Chinthippikkunna Kavithakal’ is the work of
A) Velukitty Arayan
B) Kumaranasan
C) Poikayil Kumaraguru D) Sahodaran Ayyappan 
Answer (A)

32. Teacher of Neelakanda Theertha Pada Swamikal
A) Sivayogi B) Thycaud Ayya
C) Sree Narayanaguru D) Chattampi Swamikal
Answer (D)

33. Kuriakose Elias Chavara was baptised in the church of
A) Kainakary B) Chennamkari 
C) Mannanam D) Varappuzha 
Answer (B)

34. Mother of V. T. Bhattathirippad
A) Lakshmikunjama B) Ammukuttyama
C) Vishnudatta D) Sreedeviantharjanam
Answer (D)  

35. ‘Baalakalesam’ is the work of
A) Pampady John Joseph
B) Aagamananda
C) K. P. Karuppan
D) Subhanandaguru
Answer (C)

36. The book “Moksha Pradeepam” written by
A) Ayyankali B) Brahmananda Sivayogi
C) Dr Palpu D) Bodhananda Swamikal
Answer (B)

37. The first publication of Al Amin by Muhammed Abdul Rahman started with the felicitation of
A) Vailoppilly B) Ulloor
C) Vayalar Ramavarma D) Vallathol
Answer (D)  

38. The newspaper ‘Abhinava Keralam’ is associated with
A) Vakkam Moulavi B) Kunjahammed Haji
C) Vagbhatananda D) K. M. Seethe Sahib
Answer (C)

39. The founder of ‘Samatva Samajam’
A) Vaikunda Swamikal B) C. V. Raman Pillai 
C) T. K. Madhavan     D) Ramakrishna Pillai
Answer (A)

40. ‘Darsanamala’ is the work of
A) Ananda Theertha B) Velayudha Panicker 
C) G. P. Pillai D) Sree Narayana guru 
Answer (D)

41. Nuclear Security Summit of 2016 held at
A) Washington B) Hege C) London D) Mosco 
Answer (A)

42. The World’s Largest Radio Telescope launched in China is
Answer (B)

43. The Principle of Optical Fibre (OFC) used in the telecommunication system is
A) Refraction B) Dispersion
C) Total Internal reflection D) Interference
Answer (C)

44. The main constituent of biogas is
A) Ethane B) Ammonia
C) Hydrogen Sulphide D) Methane
Answer (D)

45. Isotope of Carbon formed in atmosphere due to cosmic rays
A) C-12 B) C-14
C) C-13 D) C-22
Answer (B)  

46. Radiation used in Digital Sound recording
A) Radio Waves B) Microwaves
C) Laser D) X-rays
Answer (C)

47. Particles which are supposed to travel faster than light
A) Photons B) Tachyons
C) Phonons D) None of these
Answer (B)

48. BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) is situated at
A) Trombay B) Thumba
C) Sriharikota D) Visakhapatnam
Answer (A)

49. National Science day is celebrated in India on
A) Feb. 10 B) Feb. 28
C) Nov. 10 D) Nov. 28
Answer (B)

50. In which year Einstein Awarded Nobel Prize for the law of Photoelectric effect? 
A) 1931 B) 1929
C) 1930 D) 1921
Answer (D)

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