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PSC PREVIOUS EXAM QUESTIONS 2017 - MAY (Question Paper-14)

2017 - May (Question Paper-14)
Date of Test: 30-05-2017
Question Paper Code: 062/2017
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81. Which of the following countries signed the Indus Waters Treaty? 
A) India-China B) India-Myanmar
C) India-Pakistan D) India-Bangladesh
Answer (C)

82. Name the territorially largest district of India. 
A) Bikaner B) Leh
C) Kurnool D) Kutch
Answer (D)

83. Which soil is also known as ‘regur soil’?
A) Alluvial soil B) Black soil 
C) Red soil D) Laterite Soil 
Answer (B)

84. When was the Reserve Bank of India established? 
A) First April 1935
B) First April 1948
C) First April 1936
D) First April 1950
Answer (A) 

85. In which year was the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act passed? 
A) 2010 B) 2005
C) 1948 D) 2016
Answer (B)

86. Select the river, which is not a tributary of Bharathapuzha. 
A) Mampuzha B) Thuthapuzha
C) Kalpathipuzha D) Kannadipuzha 
Answer (A)

87. The Twelfth Five Year Plan in India has set a target of................ average growth of GDP over the plan period.
A) 7% B) 10% C) 8% D) 12% 
Answer (C)

88. Which European power constructed the Pallipuram Fort? 
A) The Dutch B) The Portuguese
C) The English D) The French
Answer (B)

89. Name the revolutionary, who died following a 64-day hunger strike in jail in protest of the ill-treatment of political prisoners by the jail authorities.
A) Jatindra Nath Das B) Barin Gosh
C) Bagha Jatin D) Bhagwati Charan Vohra
Answer (A)

90. Author of the play Neel Darpan
A) Rabindranath Tagore B) Mahatma Gandhi
C) Madhusudhan Datta D) Dinabandhu Mitra
Answer (D)  

91. Who was the founder of the protest movement named Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha?
A) Thycaud Ayya B) Chattampi Swamikkal
C) Pokayil Yohanan D) Vagbhatananda
Answer (C)

92. Name the author of the work Baalakalesam. 
A) Kumaranasan B) Pandit Karuppan
C) Ayyankali D) Brahmananda Sivayogi
Answer (B)

93. Antharjana Samajam, an organization for reforming Namboothiri women, was founded by
A) Parvathy Nenmenimangalam B) Arya Pallam
C) Lalithambika Antharjanam D) V. T. Bhattathiripad
Answer (A)  

94. Who was the social reformer of Kerala associated with the Villuvandi Yathra?
A) Dr. Palpu B) Mannathu Padmanabhan
C) T. K. Madhavan D) Ayyankali
Answer (D)

95. The year in which The Madras Marumakkathayam Act was passed
A) 1926 B) 1933
C) 1957 D) 1921
Answer (B)

96. Name the President of BCCI who was sacked by the Supreme Court on 02-01-2017.
A) Jagmohan Dalmiya B) Shashank Manohar
C) Anurag Thakur D) N. Sreenivasan
Answer (C)

97. Who was the Director of the film ‘Clash’ which was awarded  ‘Suvarna Chakoram’ at IFFK, 2016?
A) Majid Barzegar B) Vidhu Vincent 
C) Carlos Gaviria  D) Mohamed Diab
Answer (D)

98. Who penned the book The Sellout, which won the Man Booker Prize
Award of 2016? 
A) Paul Beatty
B) Marlon James
C) David Szalay
D) Richard Flanagan
Answer (A)  

99. Name the South Korean President who was impeached in 2016. 
A) Dilma Rousseff
B) Hwang Kyo-ahn 
C) Lee Myung-bak 
D) Park Geun-hye
Answer (D)

100. What is the main intention of the scheme ‘Lucky Grahag Yojana’ launched by the Government of India? 
A) To promote consumerism
B) To eradicate poverty
C) To promote the use of e-money
D) To help the agricultural sector
Answer (C)

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