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PSC PREVIOUS EXAM QUESTIONS 2017 - MAY (Question Paper-11)

2017 - May (Question Paper-11)
Date of Test: 24-05-2017
Question Paper Code: 059/2017
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81. Ahmedabad city is on the bank of which river? 
A) Yamuna B) Sabarmati
C) Hugli D) Sarayu
Answer (B)

82. Oldest mountain range in India 
A) Himalaya B) Vindhya Satpura 
C) Western Ghat D) Aravalli 
Answer (D)

83. Anthyodaya Annayojana was started in which Five Year Plan? 
A) 7th Plan B) 8th Plan
C) 9th Plan D) 10th Plan
Answer (C)

84. In which year did Nithi Ayog officially come into existence? 
A) 2015 January 1 B) 2015 February 1
C) 2015 March 10 D) 2015 April 14
Answer (A)

85. Who is the brand Ambassador of Harithakeralam project? 
A) Manju Warriar B) Mohanlal
C) Sachin Tendulkar D) Yeshudas
Answer (D)

86. Who declared jihad against British during 1857 revolt? 
A) Nawab Wajid Ali B) Moulavi Ahamadullab
C) Begam Hasrath Mahal D) Shahmal
Answer (B)

87. In which Congress Session was non-cooperation movement decided?
A) Nagpur Session 1920 B) Lahore Session 1929
C) Kakinada Session 1923 D) Amritsar Session 1919
Answer (A)

88. In which Act granted separate electorate for Muslims? 
A) 1947 Indian Independence Act B) 1919 Montague Chelmsford Act
C) 1935 Govt. of India Act D) Minto Morley Reforms 1909
Answer (D)

89. Which union territory in India registered the highest literacy rate? 
A) Pondicheri B) Lakshadweep
C) Andaman Nicobar D) Delhi
Answer (B)

90. Which place in Kerala was known as ‘Nalanda’?
A) Kanthalloor B) Moozhikkalam
C) Thrikkana Mathilakam D) Srimoola Vasam
Answer (C)

91. The magazine in which Sree Narayana Guru proclaimed ‘No caste for us’ in 1916.
A) Prabudha Keralam B) Vivekodayam
C) Koumudi D) Yoganadam
Answer (A)

92. Which social reformer is known as ‘Bharat Kesari’?
A) T.K. Madhavan B) Ayyankali
C) V.T. Battathiripad D) Mannath Padmanabhan
Answer (D)

93. Which of the following was written by Vagbhatananda? 
A) Kanneerum Kinavum B) Abhinava Keralam
C) Darsanamala D) Pracheena Malayalam
Answer (B)

94. The social reformer who declared that ‘one caste one religion, one clan, one God and one world’?
A) Sree Narayana Guru B) Sahodaran Ayyappan
C) Vaikunda Swamikal D) Kumaranassan
Answer (C)

95. In which year Chavara Kuriakose Elias Achan was canonized by Pope Francis?
A) 23rd November 2014 B) 23rd November 1986
C) 2nd February 2013 D) 10th March 2012
Answer (A)

96. Who was awarded Nobel Prize for literature in 2016? 
A) Gunthar Gras B) Juan Manual Santos
C) Oliver Hart D) Bob Dylan
Answer (D)

97. Which book received Vyalar Award in 2016? 
A) Arachar B) Thaksham Kunnu Swaroopam
C) Manushyanu Oru Amu Kham D) Edikkaloori Panambattadi
Answer (B)

98. Which political party was recently recognized by election commission?
A) Telugu Desham B) AID MK
C) Trinamool Congress D) Janathadal Secular
Answer (C)

99. Who won us open tennis for woman in 2016? 
A) Anjelik Kerber B) Veenas Williams
C) Serena Williams D) Mariya Sharapova
Answer (A)

100. Who is the present Chief Justice of Kerala High Court? 
A) Chelamaswar B) Mohana Santhana Gowdar
C) Manjula Cheloor D) Ashok Bhooshan
Answer (B)

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