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General Science - Physics (Questions and Answers) -03

General Science - Physics  (Questions and Answers) 
Chapter -03
61. What is the colour of the Black box used in aeroplanes?
(a) Yellow (b) Black
(c) Orange (d) Blue
Answer: (c )

62. In the binary number system, a group of four bits is known as
(a) byte (b) nibble
(c) hexadecimal (d) decimal
Answer: ( b)

63. The principle behind the Hydrogen bomb is
(a) Nuclear Fission (b) Nuclear Fusion
(c) Nuclear Transformation (d) Gamma decay
Answer: ( b)

64. Radio isotope used in carbon dating process is
 (a) Carbon-15 (b) Carbon-18
(c) Carbon-13 (d) Carbon-14
Answer: (d )

65. What is the half-life of Carbon -14?
 (a) 5760 years (b) 5670 years
(d) 4670 years (d) 4760 years
Answer: (a )

66. Who is the father of Nuclear Physics?
 (a) Homi J Bhabha (b) JJ Thompson
(c) James Chadwick (d) Rutherford
Answer: ( d)

67. Who is the father of Indian Space Research?
 (a) Dr.APJ Abdul kalam (b) Homi J Bhabha
(c) Vikram Sarabhai (d) CV Raman
Answer: (c )

68. IC Chip used in computers is made using
(a) Silver (b) Lead
(c) Chromium (d) Silicon
Answer: ( d)

69. Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for
 (a) Special Theory of Relativity
(b) General Theory of Relativity
(c) Brownian Movement
(d) explaining Photoelectric Effect
Answer: (d )

70. The filament of electric bulb is made by using
(a) Iron (b) Aluminium
(c) Tungsten (d) Silicon
Answer: (c)

71. Which coloured light is scattered most?
(a) Violet (b) Blue (c) Red (d) Green
Answer: ( a)

72. Sound waves travel faster in
(a) Water (b) Air
(c) Vacuum (d) Steel
Answer: (d )

73. In which year CV Raman got Nobel Prize for Physics?
(a) 1920 (b) 1925
(c) 1930 (d) 1935
Answer: ( c)

74. Light from the sun reaches earth in ______ seconds.
(a) 500 (b) 550
(c) 575 (d) 600
Answer: (a )

75. What is the velocity of light in vacuum?
 (a) 3x109 m/s (b) 2x109m/s
(c) 3x 108 m/s (d) 2x108 m/s
Answer: (c )

76. A type of stone that can float on water:
(b) Limestone       
(c) Pumice stone        
(d) Gemstone
Answer: (c)

77. The expected energy of electrons at absolute zero is called:
(a)Work function                    
(b) Potential energy
(c) Emission energy                
(d)  Fermi Energy
Answer: (d)

78. The freezer in a refrigerator is fitted near the top:
(a) to keep it away from the heat compressor which is near the bottom
(b) because of convenience
(c) so that it can cool the whole interior by setting up convection currents
(d) without any specific purpose
Answer: (c)

79. Voyager I is related to which country?
(a)China           (b) India             
(c) Russia           (d)   USA
Answer: (d)

80. It is difficult to work on ice because of:
(a) Absence of friction             
(b) More friction
(c) Less inertia                   
(d) Absence of inertia
Answer: (a)

81. Special Theory of Relativity was proposed in:
(a)1900      (b) 1902     (c) 1903       (d)  1905
Answer: (d)

82. Kaleidoscope is based on the principle of:
(a)Reflection                                     (b) Multiple Reflection
(c) Total internal reflection          (d)  Refraction
Answer: (b)

83. The most common use of silicone hydrogels in making which among the following?
(a)Surgery equipment                     (b) Breast transplants
(c) Contact lenses                            (d) Capsules of medicines
Answer: (c)

84. ‘Centrino’ is related to:
(a) Photography                         (b) Mobile technology
(c) Biotechnology                      (d)  Missile technology
Answer: (b)

85. Which physical property does not change with quality?
(a)Volume         (b) Weight         (c) Mass                 (d) Density
Answer: (d)

86. The energy that travels through telephone line:
(a)Radio energy                    (b) Mechanical energy
(c) Electrical energy              (d) Sound energy
Answer: (c)

87. The focal length of a concave lens:
(a)Negative                                                        (b) Positive
(c) Either negative or positive                       (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

88. The process by means of which we can smell the fish being fried in a neighbour’s home is called:
(a)Diffusion          (b) Effusion        
(c) Intrusion           (d) Distribution
Answer: (a)

89. Vulcanisation of rubber is done to make it:
(a)Shining         (b) Softer        
(c) Rigid                  (d) Durable
Answer: (d)

90. Which of the following is a physical change?
(a)Formation of curd from milk                 (b) Breaking of a glass bottle
(c)Corrosion of photo frame                         (d) Ripening of grapes
Answer: (b)

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